A list of Earth Day Hashtags to get more Instagram reach

Earth Day Hashtags For Instagram & How to Use Them

Since April 22, 1970, we’ve been celebrating Earth Day and teaching the new generation that it is a necessity to get involved in protecting our planet. Instagram’s visual nature makes it the ideal platform for this holiday.  Instagram is huge for travel bloggers, adventurers, and scientists. But, even if you’re not in these industries, Earth Day can be a huge opportunity for your brand or business. Today we’ll discuss how to use Earth Day hashtags on Instagram to get in front of the right audience. Before we do that, take a few seconds to copy and save the hashtags below so you can use them on your posts.

Earth Day Hashtags for Instagram

#EarthDay #EarthDay2020 #Earth #EarthDayEveryday #Ecology #Green #GoGreen #GreatOutdoors #GoOutside #Nature #Recycle #ParisAgreement #NatureLovers #ClimateChange

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#EarthDay #EarthDay2020 #Earth #EarthDayEveryday #Ecology #Green #GoGreen #GreatOutdoors #GoOutside #Nature #Recycle #ParisAgreement #NatureLovers #ClimateChange [/pw-clippy]

How to Use Your Earth Day Hashtags for Instagram


Before we discuss hashtag use, you need to agree that Instagram is its own little search engine. It is your job to use the right combination of hashtags to get your posts in front of the right people. The way to do this is with hashtags. This could (and should) include industry, location, associated brand, and custom brand hashtags alongside your Earth Day Hashtags. But there is even more we need to discuss before this. Before you start thinking of posting, you need to prep your account. Instagram requires consistency. You can’t expect to post once, twice or thrice to get results. You need to build your account in order to yield an ROI. On top of this, you need to build your audience. How do you do this?

Post Daily

If you can’t post daily, then try to post every other day. Instagram recently implemented a Facebook-like algorithm. That means that if you are inactive, or if your posts don’t get engagement, they will drop in ranking in the feed of your followers. This can spell disaster for your brand. You can use as social media scheduling calendar like Socialdraft (seen above) to schedule all your Instagram posts and to have your team help you with content creation and publishing.

Engage your audience

After you post each update, take some time to find people who could become your customers and engage them. Use Socialdraft’s hashtag search tool to look for people creating similar content to yours. Then, like their posts, follow them. This will increase the chances that they will like your posts and follow you back.

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Use a Mix Industry Specific & Earth Day Hashtags

Mix earth day hashtags with hashtags related to your business

Growing Underground, a sustainable urban farm used a perfect and relevant article for Earth Day.  While their hashtags all have to do with Earth Day, they would not necessarily work for any and all businesses and brands. Their very smart use of #sustainablefarming #100ftunderground #WorldsFirstSubterraneanFarm and #urbanfarm all bring in a hyper targeted audience which is actually interested in what they have to share. This is exactly what you need to do. If you sell lipstick that is sustainably made, then you’ll want to use some makeup & beauty hashtags for your post. If you’re a sustainable coffee company, then you need to include coffee hashtags. The whole idea is to use tags that will bring your ideal audience to you.

Mix Location Hashtags & Earth Day Hashtags

Local service providers need to include city and neighborhood hashtags to reach people who can convert

Creating a great April Fools’ post is only the beginning. If you are a local business, brand, or service provider, it is not of great benefit to have 1,000 likes from people who can’t convert to customers. If they are 50 miles away, they probably won’t convert. Follow the lead from Gotham City Collision. Their post includes gorgeous location hashtags so they have a chance to be discovered by a local audience just like Starbucks in the Rocky Mountains did by implementing #Vail #Breckenridge and #RockyMountains.

Use Hashtags for Verticals and Partners

ON Instagram it is smart to use another associated brand's hashtag

Using hashtags for other brands, partners, and associated businesses can help you grow your audience. Especially when it is done as well as it was done by Jay Schilling. She partnered with Origins for a campaign to plant trees. In her post, you will see that she used the hashtag for the campaign #KissThePlanet, as well as #DoGoodCampaign. This associates her with the Origins brand as well as a philanthropic cause. A win on both ends.

Include Custom Branded Hashtags

Custom branded hashtags help you control the conversation

Auto companies are always on the edge when it comes to environmental issues. Ford Motor Company, one of the most well known car makers in the world was looking to show the world that they were taking steps to become more green. They used a series of Instagram videos to show how they were recycing aluminum into their F-150. Their write up was effective and their hashtags were fantastic. They used a combination of Earth Day hashtags (#sustainability #recycling #EarthDay #green), custom brand hashtags (#Ford #FordTrucks #BuiltFordTough  #F150) and an associated hashtag (#HowItsMade).  If you watch the image above, you will see that by using the Ford Hashtags, they make sure that the green conversation is a part of the Instagram ecosystem. This is great marketing.

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