Use this set of Easter Hashtags to get more followers on Instagram

Easter Hashtags

Easter is one of the major marketing holidays. This is especially so for chocolate and candy makers (looking at you Peeps), egg suppliers, and even hat makers. But a smart business can figure out tons of fun ways to work the Easter holiday into their Instagram marketing. If you are marketing on Instagram on Easter, it is imperative that you use the right hashtags in order to get the most organic traffic, engagement, and likes. We’ve put together a list of the top Instagram Easter Hashtags. Take a few seconds to copy and save these hashtags, and then read on to learn tips on getting the most out of your Easter hashtags.

Instagram Easter Hashtags

#Easter #Easter2020 #Easteregg #Easterbreak #Springbreak2018 #Easterbreak2020 #Chocolate #Eastersunday #Easterbunny #Eastereggs #Easterweekend #Easteregghunt #Holidays #Break #Easterfun #Spring #Spring2020 #Warm #Easterholidays #Springfun #Noschool #April

Tips to get the most out of your Easter Hashtags for Instagram


Post Daily

Instagram rewards those who give it love. That means posting daily. If you can’t post daily, try to post every other day. An easy way to remember to post daily is to use an Instagram scheduling calendar such as Socialdraft. It will SMS you with the image and write up at the exact time you want to publish. You can even have your whole team working on creating content and you can assign different people to publish.

Engage your audience

When you publish, grab yourself a cup of tea and spend 15 minutes to a half hour engaging. That means finding people creating content with your same hashtags, liking their posts and following them. This tactic will improve your engagement and reach. Best part, you can do this from Socialdraft – great if you’ve got big fingers or long nails (so much easier to engage on desktop).

Use Location Hashtags

Mix Easter Hashtags with location hashtags for optimum exposure

Using Easter Hashtags will get you seen by a lot of people and help you get more likes. These likes, however may not convert  if you are a local brand, business, or service provider. In this case, you need to mix in a few location hashtags. This way, when people are browsing the hashtag for your area, they have the chance of being exposed to your image and learning about your promotions for the Easter holiday. The Metropol Palace in Belgrade knows this, check out their hashtags.

Don’t forget Industry Hashtags

Combine business and Easter hashtags

Your business is not like every other business, so while using Easter hashtags will make you associated with the holiday, you need to use hashtags that are related to your industry in order to attract people who can convert. International chocolatier Neuhaus knows this. Their post is tagged not just with the #Easter hashtag, but also with #chocolate and #EasterEggs both of which will give them a more targeted audience.

Use Vertical Hashtags

Use hashtag for associations and companies you work with

Chances are no matter what you’re marketing there are brands, businesses, or associations that you’re working with. It is a smart move to use their hashtags in relevant posts. Take Milliner Sarah Sokol. Her Instagram Easter post for 2016 shows her and her dogs at the Easter parade with one of her creations. She tags #MillinerGuild, a guild of hat makers. This means that those who are interested in the guild and browse it on Instagram have a chance to be exposed to her post. This increases her chance of an engagement from someone interested in her industry. Whenever you post, think about how you can push this type of hashtag out on Instagram.

Include a Custom Brand Hashtag

Use a custom hashtag to teach customers to spread the word

Branded hashtags are awesome. Just check out this example from Time Out New York. They included the #TimeOutNewYork hashtag on their Easter parade post. When you click to their profile, you see they have created 1893 pieces of content. But when you click over to their custom hashtag, you see it has been used almost 100,000 times. That’s a lot of content being created by their community pushing out their brand,

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Once you come up with the perfect combination of hashtags, you will see a much higher engagement rate, and if you do things right, higher conversions. Don’t forget, tools will help you…so take Socialdraft for a trial today, it costs you nothing to test us out and could change how you market your business on social media.