Enhance Your Brand By Creating a Vanity URL

March 12, 2018


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What’s This?

There are so many benefits to using a Vanity URL shortener like Bitly Not only do they streamline the appearance of your writer ups, they also help you brand yourself AND get valuable analytics from shares on social. Especially when you link them to your Socialdraft account. You can also benefit from vanity URLs on social networks like Facebook.  Let’s dive deep into how creating a vanity URL can help your business.

Benefits of Creating a Vanity URL


A vanity URL is a short URL used in place of traditional longer URLs as a method of branding a business or product so that anytime a company’s link is shared on Twitter or another social platform, it will automatically be shortened.

For example, since URLs on Twitter are automatically shortened to make room for the 140 character limit, you might as well brand your business, website or product by using a vanity URL.

Other than social networks, a vanity URL can also manually be used in an article or through services like Socialdraft to save valuable character space. Here are a few other reasons you should create Vanity URLs whenever possible:

* Custom URLs look professional.

* Your branding will be consistent no matter where your content is shared.

* It creates “link trust”: your readers and audience will feel more confident clicking on and sharing your content.

* Your URLs will stand out on and make people remember you on social networks.

* Vanity URL shorteners also give you data and analytics – awesome way to measure ROI (more on this later).

* If you’re hosting your own shortener, you’re not passing link juice to any third party.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Own Vanity URL

Bitly is an official URL shortener for Socialdraft

1. Choose a hosting service.

It is possible to host your own custom shortened URL, but this is by far the more complicated and less popular option. Most choose a service to host the custom URL for them. Bit.ly is the most popular, which you can sign up for here. We also recommend Bitly because you can link your Bitly account to your Socialdraft account making it easy to take advantage of all their awesome analytics.

2. Choose the actual vanity URL.

Of course, your first step is actually choosing a vanity URL. The rule of thumb is to keep it to fewer than 8-10 characters and keep it looking similar to your regular domain name. Domai.nr is a good place to go for ideas.

3. Buy the vanity URL.

There is no free option here; you have to buy it using any domain registration site such as iPage or GoDaddy. I recommend buying it from the same place your website is hosted.

4. Setup the shortener.

If you’re using Bit.ly, you can visit your “account settings” tab and then go to “advanced.” You’ll see an option for “custom short domain” where you can type in the vanity URL you just bought. Other services are similar.

5. Find your DNS settings page.

This is a crucial step in order to verify your new shortener. You need to find your Domain Name System (DSN) page and look for the domain’s “A record.” This point is a few steps long, so visit this article to follow along or simply ask your domain registrar for help.

6. Choose your domain. Visit Bit.ly or whichever service you chose to use and select this new shortened domain to let the service know that is what you want to use.

How to claim your Facebook Vanity URL

Claim your Facebook Vanity URL by registering your Facebook Web address.

1. Go to your Facebook Page

2. From the administration panel choose “Settings”

3. Select “Page Info” from the list on the left

4. On the list of items to edit on the right, “Facebook web Address” will be the second option down

5. Click “Edit”, then “create a web address for this page”

6. Enter your desired URL in the “Facebook Web Address” box and click “Check Availability”

7. If the desired username is available, click to confirm

Use Your Vanity URL to Tell Customers about Your Page

Combining Bitly with Socialdraft makes for a great social media tool

* Add it to your email signature

* On your business cards

* On promotional material (in-store flyers, window decals, bag stuffers)

* On your website

What Else Can the Socialdraft Social Media Scheduling Tool Do?


You already know we’re compatible with Bitly, here are all the other cool things you can do with Socialdraft:

  • Schedule posts to multiple social media accounts
  • Have multiple people create and post content
  • Pull reports
  • and much more


Go ahead, take us for a risk-free trial.


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