The Facebook Engagement and Conversation Update

Facebook Engagement and Conversation Update

The Facebook nightmare may have come true. Are you helpless? Nope, but you will need to work much smarter.

What’s the Facebook Engagement and Conversation Update?

Mark made an announcement saying that Facebook will be shifting focus to conversations between people, not pages.

What does this mean?

Currently, Facebook gives organic reach to posts that get reactions (likes, hearts, smiles, etc), shares, and comments. After the update, this will change.


Posts that spark interactions between people will receive the most organic reach and those that do not WILL BE DOWNGRADED in the newsfeed.

Facebook will predict what posts THEY think people will interact and show those on your follower’s feeds.

***Back and forth discussion among people (not pages & people or pages & pages) is the focus. So, those single comments you get won’t count as much as someone commenting on your post and then having their friends replying back.


Post from friends and families will be prioritized over page content. Basically, Facebook users will see posts from friends and family first.

“Pages may see their reach, video watch time AND referral traffic decrease” – Facebook

This means that if you put out a post and it gets little to no engagement, you’ve wasted your time. Your distribution & organic reach will suffer when posts get little to no engagement.


1. Review Your Content

Start by reviewing your content and your current engagement. Ask yourself:

  • Are you getting comments on your posts?
  • Are these comments tagging other friends or getting replies from their friends?

If not, then you need to rethink your strategy.

Facebook likes when people have conversation around content on people's pages

2. Create Content that Truly Encourages Conversation

When you create content, make sure that your status updates encourage conversation between friends and family. Detroit Dog Rescue does an awesome job at this (granted their subject is awesome – they rescue dogs). If you check out their page (which you should), you will often see families discussing adopting and helping right on their posts. It’s wonderful. It is much easier to achieve this goal with content such as:

– Videos
– Live Videos
– Gifs
– Engaging Posts

Where "see first" is on facebook pages

3. Ask People to Choose “See First” For Your Page

Ask people to follow your page. Yeah, it’s tacky, but if your community loves you they will take action on this request. So go ahead and ask people to choose “See First” for your page in the news feed preferences. The video above shows where they can do this on page.

***hint…hint…this is our Facebook page. We’d be thrilled to have a follow & a “see first”.

Example of Like & engagement bait

4. Cut Out Like & Engagement Bait

Your regular engagement bait is not going to work. In fact, Facebook has very clearly stated that they will punish pages that resort to engagement bait. What is engagement bait? Posts that are overt about asking for engagement. You know what these are, those four image posts with reactions on each asking for a vote.

– Like this if….Love this if…

– Share this post if you love xyz

– Tag a friend who’ll love this

– Comment “Yes” if you love this as much as I do

That being said, you may be able to get away with a few sneaky tactics such as putting your call to action in your image or video will still work for a time…but eventually, Facebook will get smart, so you need to prepare for this.

What are your thoughts on this update? How are you planning to counteract it? Let us know in the comments below.