How to get more engagement on Facebook

10 Facebook Engagement Tips to Supercharge Your ROI

One of the questions we get most from users of Socialdraft is what to do to get more engagement on Facebook Pages. Today, we’re going to outline some Facebook Engagement Tips you may not already be taking advantage of. Like what you see? Share it on Social and spread the love.

Facebook Engagement Tips

1. Keep things short. Posts that have less than 50 characters get significantly more engagement.

2. Post when everyone else isn’t posting. If you post when there is less competition, you’ll get more engagement.

3. Video, video, video. Facebook is currently favoring video content (both live or recorded), so you will get more organic engagement by using this type of content.

4. Optimize your images for desktop and mobile. 90% of Facebook users are accessing it via mobile (Data via The Next Web). That means that you NEED to make sure that your images look great on mobile.

This is tricky because Cover Photos are two different sizes on desktop & mobile phones (820×312 vs 640x260px).  Our designer Jan (who’s awesome) adds a space of 134 px on either side (with text in the center) to make them look best. If you need assistance with this type of task, message us about our managed services.

5. Post questions. These will get more likes than other types of posts and are likely to get more comments as well.

6. Use the new Reminders feature. If you’re using a dashboard like Socialdraft to pre-schedule content, you probably don’t need this feature. This is great so you don’t forget a specific holiday or sale event. To set a reminder go to > Page settings > Reminders

7. Make your Profile a Video. This is not yet available to all pages, but if you have this feature you better take advantage of it. Some pages can either record or upload a 7-second video to use as their profile video. No more boring pics since this loops continuously. This needs to be done via your mobile phone.

How to add a profile video on Facebook


Tap your page’s profile picture
Select “Take a New Profile Video”
Choose a video or record a new video
Select  Use


Tap your page’s profile picture
Select “Take a New Profile Video”
Select “Next” and tap the bar at the bottom of the screen
Choose a thumbnail & click “Use”

8. Automatically add captions to video ads

This will seriously increase your views. Think of all the people who want to watch your video but don’t have headphones nearby. Adding captions allows them to turn off the sound and watch without disturbing anyone else. Note – this is only available for video ads.

How to use Automated Video Ad Captions

– You must do this via Power Editor

Upload Your Video and when done click “Select”
Click on the “Generate Automatically” drop-down.
Now you can either “review manually” or let Facebook review them.  Review them to make sure they are perfect.

9. Use your Desktop to broadcast live video

Facebook has changed things so you can now broadcast from your desktop, not just mobile. Create your status and choose “Start a Live Video”.

10. Bring in Live Contributors

This is a great way to get influencers involved in your live broadcasts. The admin of a Facebook page is now able to assign this title to others. The possibilities here are incredible.

I hope you enjoyed these Facebook Engagement Tips. Test them out and let us know your results. And, if you are looking for a social media tool to help you with your pages, check out Socialdraft. We offer a risk-free trial during which you can test out all our features including:

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