Benefits of Facebook Wi-Fi Check-ins for local businesses

The Benefits of Facebook Wi-Fi Check-ins

Many local businesses are not aware or not taking advantage of a nifty little feature offered by Facebook: Facebook Wi-Fi Check-ins. Restaurants that opt into Facebook Wi-Fi can offer free Wi-Fi internet access to customers who check in. They get internet access and you get a check-in. On top of that, you can then offer them deals and announcements. Facebook Wi-Fi Check-ins is a tool you should not be without.

Advantages of Facebook Wi-Fi Check-Ins

Get New Clients

Sure, your local business has its core set of customers. However, as people become more and more dependent on their internet connection, you have an opportunity to attract mobile workers to your business. As of 2016, the Freelancer’s Union found that there are more than 55 million Americans freelancing. They tend to work outside of their home in cafes, restaurants, and even while getting an oil change. They like to get out of the house in order to stay sane.

If your business is in a heavy area for international tourists, it makes sense to offer Wi-Fi. They often have to purchase international SIM cards which can get expensive. This feature makes it easy to win their business.

If your business can offer them free, reliable and secure Wi-Fi, you may be able to lure these people into coming in, staying longer, and spending more.

Encourage Business Meetings

Most of the biggest deals in the world are not conducted in an office. If you can provide the right environment and the right tools, your business can become a place where business meetings take place. Business meetings mean expense accounts, and this means money for your biz.

Get More Online Reviews and Social Shares

If you offer Facebook Wi-Fi, you’ll make it easier for your customers to Instagram your location, products, and services…and leave reviews on Facebook as well as other review sites.

Build Offers Around Facebook Wi-Fi Check-ins

With Facebook Wi-Fi you are able to push out offers to people who check in. It really does not get better than that!

Get Data on Your Customers

Facebook gives you demographic data including age, gender, and interests of customers. This data is ridiculously valuable when it comes to understanding your audience and planning your marketing efforts.

Guests Can Opt Out of Check-ins

People who are uncomfortable with the check-in are given a simple opt-out, so no weird icky factor or fear of violation of privacy.

Capture New Fans

People may even like your page so that you can market to them again. It’s a fantastic tool!

How Facebook Wi-Fi Check-ins Work

Free WiFi using Facebook Check In

How to set up Facebook Wi-Fi Check-ins for my local business?

You need a Facebook page admin to set this up for you. The page must also be a “Local Business”. Once they are set up, there are no Wi-Fi codes or accounts for your customers to create.

Get Your Router:

Make sure your router is Facebook Wi-Fi compatible. Facebook Wi-Fi currently works with the routers below. If you don’t have one of them, you may need to purchase them, below is a list of Facebook Wi-Fi Check-in compatible routers (ours was updated on 10/11/17):

Log on to Facebook

Splash Screen from Wireless Router for Facebook WiFi

Enable “Sign-On with Facebook”

This will differ according to which of the above routers you use, here are a few examples for a few of the routers.

  • Meraki: Launch your wireless router’s admin console and select Sign on with Facebook in the Splash Page. 
  • Cisco: Log into your Connect & Engage dashboard from the Cisco Mobility Service Engine 8.0 and select Facebook Wi-Fi on the menu.
  • NETGEAR: Visit and click the Advanced tab. Then, click Facebook Wi-Fi > Configure.
  • D-Link: Visit D-Link and click the Setup tab > Guest Zone. Check the boxes Enable Guest Zones and Enable Facebook Wi-Fi.
  • Open-Mesh: Log into your network at and select Facebook Wi-Fi in the SSID #1 Splash Page section.
  • Aruba: Select Facebook Wi-Fi for sign-on, then set the session length and terms of service.
  • Intelbras: Visit the IP address provided in your manual, then start the install wizard and select Facebook for Wi-Fi access.
  • Ruckus Wireless: Log into ZoneDirector. Click Configure > WLANs > Create WLAN > for WLAN Type, select Social Media > for Social Media Login, select Facebook.
  • ASUS: Log into the web GUI. Select Guest Network > Facebook Wi-Fi and enable Wi-Fi.
  • AirPo: Log into the web GUI. Select Network > Facebook Wi-Fi and enable Wi-Fi.

Wireless Router Configuration for Facebook WiFi

Set up Facebooks Wi-Fi Configuration Panel

  • Opens in a new window
  • Click the drop-down menu
  • Select the Facebook Page for your local business
  • Click the drop-down menu
  • Bypass Mode section:  choose if customers can use a Wi-Fi code that you give them or click on a link to skip checking in
  • Click save settings