Get more likes and comments on your Father's Day posts with these Instagram hashtags

Father’s Day Hashtags For Instagram and How to Use Them

You need to get personal for Father’s Day, but you need to keep your audience in mind. You’re reaching out to spouses, sons and daughters who will be doing the purchases during the holiday, but you’re also reaching out to dads who may straight out tell their families exactly what they want as a present. On top of that you’re marketing to your ideal customer, which makes them different than that of any other brand or business. Today we’ll be discussing how to use hashtags to get the most out of your posts before and during the holiday. But before you move forward, take a few seconds to copy (and save) the Father’s Day Hashtags below. These are the steppingstone to your Instagram strategy for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

#Dad #FathersDayWeekend #ILoveMyDad #Family #Parents #SundayFunday #daddy #fatherandson #fathers #fatherhood #love #familytime #family #fatherdaughtertime #DaddysLittleGirl #fatheranddaughter #superdaddy #bestdaddy #myfather #bestdad #mydad

How to Use Your Father’s Day Hashtags for Instagram


Most brands and businesses who fail on Instagram do so because they don’t have a strategy. They come in, post a few things and give up before they see results. But you’re here and you already know your business goal. You’ll be figuring out the perfect hashtags to get you the most exposure. There are two more things you need to do:

Post on a Daily Basis

If you can’t post on a daily basis, then try to post every other day, or twice a week. The idea is to establish a rhythm. Why? Because if you aren’t active on Instagram, your audience won’t be constantly reminded about you. On top of that, you’re giving your competitors the opportunity to snatch your customers from under you.

Engage your audience

Instagram is all about conversations. After you post, take 10-15 minutes to engage your audience. Follow them, like their posts and you will see an increase in your likes, follows and ROI.

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Use a Mix Industry Specific & Father’s Day Hashtags

Use industry hashtags to get engagement from the right audience

The Met Museum’s father’s day post was perfectly thought out. It highlights the relationship between father and son as Monet’s dad assisted with his son’s artwork. It is a lovely way to celebrate the relationship between father and son, but what is important here is that the MET has used two types of hashtags, #FathersDay and #Monet. This makes it so that both people who are interested in Father’s Day and Monet have a chance to be exposed to this image. Although this was a highly successful post, I may have added a few more hashtags related to their industry including #Impressionist #FrenchImpressionist and #ArtHistory. When you create your posts, think about what hashtags would appeal to your core audience and implement them in your posts.

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Mix Location Hashtags & Father’s Day Hashtags

Geo targeted hashtags are a must for local businesses and services

While it won’t hurt Chu Bakery in Perth to get likes in the USA, it will be much harder for them to convert those people into customers. They are just too far away. But they have a smart community manager who incorporates location hashtags into their Instagram posts. Their community manager makes sure that Chu Bakery has a chance to be discovered by a local audience by using hashtags such as #perthbakery #pertheats #yelpperth #zomatoaus #perthgrub #perthisok. As you can see, with over 2,000 likes, this is an incredibly successful Father’s Day post.

Use Product Hashtags & Custom Brand Hashtags

Showcase the products you use by using their brand hashtags

Passionables by Babycakes has an awesome community manager. They understand how to incorporate brands people are passionate about, that are related to your business in order to grab the attention of their audience. Check out this awesome father’s day post. The baker made Hennessy cupcakes and was very smart in using both Father’s Day hashtags, custom branded hashtags, but more importantly, hashtags related to Hennessy so that they would get exposure to the people who love that brand (#hennycake #hennycakes #hennessy #hennessycupcakes #hennylovers ##henny).

On top of this, they also created a custom brand hashtag, #passionablesbabycakes. If you dig deeper, you will see that this account has created under 4,000 pieces of content, but their hashtag has been used well over 4,000 times. This means that this small independent business has built a customer base so loyal that they are not just willing to post the items they buy, but to tag the products and therefore act as a marketing army for the baker. This is incredibly smart marketing and will certainly get them more sales on Father’s Day next year.

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