How to Filter on the Socialdraft Calendar

How to Filter On the Socialdraft Social Media Calendar

You have a hard enough job managing social media to have to deal with fussy, complicated dashboards. Our goal is to make your life easy, super easy. That’s why we’ve updated our filtering options so you can comfortably work on clients or projects with ease.

How to Filter on the Socialdraft Social Media Calendar

Filtering is easy on the Socialdraft Social Media Calendar. Simply:

  1. Log into Socialdraft
  2. Click on the icon with three lines
  3. Click the “filter” icon
  4. Choose your Filtering option
  5. Click Filter

Socialdraft Filtering Options


There are many ways you can filter on Socialdraft. Your first choice is to filter by posts or tasks assigned to users.

Socialdraft Post Filtering Options

Filter by Post Status

Socialdraft lets you filter by post status

  • Draft: See all your draft posts
  • Pending: See any posts that are ready to publish but have not yet gone out
  • Published: See any posts that have already published
  • Error: See any posts that errored out

Quick Filter By Social Network

Click one button to see all posts scheduled for one social network

Simply click the Social Network icon to see posts scheduled only for that social network.

Deep Filter By Social Network

You can filter by Social Network & Account. For example:

  • Social > Facebook > Facebook Page
  • Social > Facebook > Facebook Group
  • Social > Twitter > Twitter Account
  • Social > LinkedIn > LinkedIn Page
  • Social > Instagram > Instagram Account
  • Social > Pinterest > Pinterest Board

Filter by Campaign

How to filter by one client's social networks

Campaigns are groups of social media accounts you group together. These are up to your choosing, but here are a few example campaigns you can create – the possibilities are up to you:

  1. Client Campaign: You have a client and you group their Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account into “Client All” campaign.
  2. Principal’s Social: You group the Instagram accounts for important people within your organization into one Campaign.

Filter by Category

How to easily find a post on Socialdraft

Socialdraft allows you to create categories. When you create your posts, you can tag them with these categories. Later, when you need to find a post that is tagged with this category, you can simply filter by category.

Filter by Sub-User

How to filter the Socialdraft social media calendar by content creator

Socialdraft is a social media tool for teams. As such, you can set up various types of users on the account with different permissions. On the calendar, you can choose to view only one sub-user’s posts by their name. Let’s explore the different types of users you can have on Socialdraft:

  • Admin – The person who signed up and owns the account. They are all-powerful
  • Manager – The person who has the most power after the admin. They can be given access to most features on the site but have no back of the house access.
  • Subusers – They can be set up to get access to schedule to one or many social media accounts, Instagram tools, and the Inbox.
  • Managed Subusers – They can be set up to do everything a sub user does, but their posts will not publish without approval
  • Guests – They can only be given access to view content calendars on the dashboard. They are not able to edit, re-schedule, or delete content. They are able to leave a comment on posts. It’s a perfect role for certain clients who need a touch of control.

Filter by Keyword

Use keyword filtering to find posts with a particular word

You can also filter by keyword. This makes it easy when you need to find a post and you know you used a word in it. Simply add the keyword when you filter and Socialdraft will pull up any posts containing that word.

How to Export Social Media Content Calendars on Socialdraft

Send PDF social media calendars to clients

Once this is done, you can go further to export a PDF copy of your calendar to send to collaborators, clients, or for yourself (click here for the tutorial on this).

What Else Does The Socialdraft Social Media Tool Do?


This is just one of the things you can do on Socialdraft. It is an all-in-one social media tool for teams. With Socialdraft, you can:

  • Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn pages (and 1 personal account), and Pinterest.
  • Schedule recurring posts
  • Duplicate posts
  • Schedule posts with GIFs to Facebook and Twitter
  • Pull reports from Twitter and Facebook
  • Group social accounts into Campaigns and schedule posts to the same accounts at once
  • Set up users with different permissions
  • And tons more.

Want to see Socialdraft in action? Start your Socialdraft risk-free trial now!