Optimized Fitness Hashtags & Best Practices for Instagram

August 2, 2016

The best Instagram hashtags for fitness

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What’s This?

Smart fitness marketers are reaping the rewards of being active on Instagram. It’s a great place for them to connect with potential customers and consumers. Just think about it. Nowadays, I can follow a local trainer and get a feel for their style. It’s a lot less intimidating than going to the gym and being assigned someone randomly. There are even Instagram Fitness accounts that work as virtual trainers by sharing videos on technique and tips. Instagram is a perfect outlet for the Fitness industry. Today we’ll discuss the best practices for fitness, as well as some great Fitness hashtag tactics, but before we do, take a few seconds to copy and save the hashtags below. These are optimized fitness hashtags to help you get better organic reach on your Instagram posts. 

Copy these optimized 
Instagram Fitness Hashtags by clicking on the “copy” button on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC. 

#Fitness #Fitnessaddict #Fit #Instafitness #Instafit #Fitnessmodel #Fitnessjourney #Workouts #Abs #Socialdraft#Fitnessfreak #Workout#Fitnessmotivation #Gym #Fitnesslifestyle #Fitnessinspiration #Fitspiration #Fitnessfood #Fitnessgear #Fitnesslife #Eatclean #Health #Getfit #Bodybuilding


Best Practices for Fitness Hashtags on Instagram

Targeting is Key

The hashtags we gave you above should only be a starting point (think of it like your basics – lunges and squats). But anybody can do those and you’ll get left behind in the feed if you use only these. Instead, begin to target your posts. Maybe you’re a #crossfit trainer, if you want to attract that audience, make sure you use that hash. If you’re into #yoga use that hashtag, but don’t stop there.  Go beyond this to include your poses #EaglePose or #Garudasana. These hyper targeted hashtags will make it so you attract the perfect audience and get enough reach.

Use Geo-Targeted Hashtags

If you are a local fitness business such as a supplement shop, a gym, or trainer, make sure you use geo-targeted hashtags. Think of Instagram as another search engine such as Google. Let’s say you are a physical trainer in Northern NJ. When people browse Instagram for say #NorthBergen, if your images aren’t tagged #NorthBergen, you have no chance of being discovered. If you are local, make sure that you use location hashtags such as #city and #neighborhood. Get Bodied Services does an incredible job of this combination of fitness & geo-targeted hashtags.

Branded Hashtags

Branding is important. That’s what marketing is all about, building your brand. Instagram is a great place to do this. Along with your hashtags, include one brand hashtag. The one that people will know you’re all about. Our inspiration here will be #cize, part of the Beach Body – Shaun T empire. Notice how it’s not just Shaun using the hashtag, but his followers. So take time to come up with a great branded hashtag and make sure you display it where you customers can easily see it. Encourage them to share so you can build your brand.

Instagram Fitness Tips

Tag Others

It is proveent increases.n that if you tag others your engagement increases, so go ahead and tag relevant accounts. Just don’t go crazy spammy on this. Tag brands you’re wearing or representing, others that posed with you and give them lots of love so they do the same to you. Trainer Ken Ferrer tags brands he is associated with such as Fly Wheel Sports and Conde Nast to increase his engagement.

Conduct a Repost Campaign

Remember that branded hashtag. Let your followers know that you will repost them if they use your branded hashtag. They will love this as they will get exposure with your audience. When you do repost, make sure the write up is complimentary AND that you credit the content creator. The person who posted will get a notification (which is a prompt to engage), and helps you build a relationship with your community. The CrossFit account is a monster when doing this and they’ve grown a ridiculously targeted audience.

Work with an Influencer

Influencers have spent lots of time building a dedicated community that converts. Work off of their community to build your brand. If you haven’t yet worked with an influencer, click the following guide on how to collaborate with an Instagram Influencer. Just make sure you follow all the FTC rules.

Put some love into your account

There are a few things outside of those mentioned above that you need to do. These include:

Post Daily: Every study out there shows that if you are not consistently active on Instagram you will lose followers and drop in engagement, so plan out your content calendar and use a system like Socialdraft to schedule your posts. On the date and time that they are due to publish, you will get an SMS with the image and caption making posting a snap.

Like & Engage: The best way to get people to like your content is to spread the love. Right after posting, spend some time engaging. Click through on one of your hashtags. See the area that says “Top Posts”. Click on the first one. What you will do now is click through to the first 10 people on every post. Like and comment on their post. Then head back on the Socialdraft dashboard and like 50 posts related to that hashtag. You will begin to see your likes, engagements and follows increase.

If you have more questions about Instagram marketing, join our Social Media Managers Group on Facebook.  There you can ask questions, get support and even vent when you need it.  Looking forward to getting to know you. 



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