How to get more likes and comments on your Flag Day Instagram posts

Flag Day Hashtags for Instagram

We Americans are a patriotic bunch and National Flag Day is very special to us. On June 14, we celebrate the adoption of our flag, Old Glory. It is a day where we celebrate the symbol of our nation. It is also a day where US businesses and brands can connect with their audience and humanize their brand. Today we’ll discuss how to use Flag Day hashtags in order to achieve this goal, but before we move forward, take a few seconds to copy and save the Flag hashtags below so you can use them before, during, and after the holiday.

Flag Day Hashtags for Instagram

#FlagDay #NationalFlagDay #FlagDayUS #USA #UnitedStates #America #USFlag #OldGlory #Flag #AmericanFlag #Merica #RedWhiteAndBlue #StarsAndStripes #OldGlory #StarSpangledBanner #BetsyRoss

How to Use Your Flag Day Hashtags for Instagram


You’re taking a great step now in researching hashtags, but once you’ve got the images, write ups, and hashtags set you need to do a few more things in order to build a committed convertible audience:

Post on Daily

Posting daily (or almost daily) will help to keep you in the eyes of your audience. Once you stop posting, or you take a break, Instagram’s algorithm kicks in and gives you less priority in the feed. This means that your fans will have to search a hashtag longer to find you. If your competitors are on Instagram, then this makes it so they can engage your audience and steal them right under your feet.

Engage your audience

Posting daily (or consistently) is a good start, but now you need to get out there. Instagram is a push and pull. So, push out content and pull in your audience by engaging them. Search for people creating content around your hashtags or industry and take some time to follow them and like their posts. This is a vetting process. Once they have done this, you can move further to engage them in conversation and eventually convert them (be that a website view, a purchase or a content share). The Socialdraft social media calendar tool can help you with all this.

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How to use Flag Day Hashtags to get more views

This is a fantastic post from Lady Hill Winery in which they use almost every hashtag we would recommend for a brand. Let’s break each type down and how they used them.

Include Industry Specific Hashtags

What a beautiful repost from Lady Hill Winery. It communicates family, patriotism and US entrepreneurship. They have a great hashtag strategy, so let’s look at their industry hashtags.

#winelover #instawine #ladyhillwinery #oregonwinery #wines #winemaking #wawine #winetasting #winery #winelife #barrels #oregonwine

These hashtags are a sure way to attract a targeted audience. Bascially, anyone who is searching the above hashtags has a chance to be exposed to this post and engage it.

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Include Location Hashtags

This post will also come up on location hashtag search since the community manager for Lady Hill Winery included location hashtags #willamettevalley #yakimavalley #columbiavalley.

Custom Brand Hashtags

By using #ladyhill and #ladyhillwinery, they are training their audience and customers to share posts to Instagram with these hashtags. Right now Lady Hill Winery has only created 354 pieces of content, but the #ladyhill hashtag already has been used over 700 times. That means their customers are sharing pictures of Lady Hill wines with their communities converting them into a marketing army.

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If you begin to integrate all these types of hashtags, and use the right tools to manage your Instagram, you’ll be ready to see a return on investment from your Instagram efforts.

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