Tips On Formatting Instagram Captions

September 18, 2015

how to add spaces and lines to Instagram captions


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What’s This?

Gotta tell you, Instagram is our favorite social network (check out our account here). We’re seeing awesome ROI from it and you can too. After posting a photo on Instagram, crafting the right caption can increase engagement, and can help you in attracting more likes. If you’re using Instagram for your business, formatting your Instagram captions with spacing and line breaks also really make the content look attractive and professional. Just imagine how hard it is for your audience to read an entire block of text…it’s a horrible experience. Make their life easier so they keep coming back to your beautiful Instagram account.

Formatting Instagram Captions


How to Format your Instagram Captions on iOS

Write your Instagram caption in notes then copy paste from your iphone

1. Use Notes

In order to add spacing between lines for iOS users, create your caption in a Note with the desired spacing and formatting. You can then copy the caption, open Instagram and paste the caption into the Instagram upload stage.

2. Use the Facebook App: First, open up the Facebook app and click on “Update Status”. On the next screen write your caption, and use the “Return” key on your keyboard to ensure the app is showing your line breaks. Copy and paste it into your Instagram caption or bio. The apps should maintain your line breaks when you post the photo and caption.

How to edit your Instagram, caption once it’s posted

To adjust spacing, fix typos and add or delete content, click on the three-dot button and select Edit. You can also add more spacing with this edit function.

A few notes:

Do not to add emojis before or after, but within your caption.

Do not add punctuation before a line break

If you write captions on Instagram, you can also try hitting the “return” key FIVE times after the end of the paragraph or line to get a line break.

To insert spaces, switch to the number keyboard and hit enter twice.

How to Format your Instagram Captions on Android

For Android users, you can add spacing between lines by using the “return” key to drop down lines. To leave a line space between paragraphs drop down two lines. But remember to depress the return key directly after the last letter or character at the end of the paragraph. If you don’t, hitting the return key will not produce the desired results. To enhance the content you can add symbols to new lines or between paragraphs.

Socialdraft’s Instagram Photo Search


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You can also use the “Share” option as a way to repost, but Socialdraft’s Share is better than any old repost. We allow you to share Instagram content to all of your connected networks. That means you can repost Instagram images to:

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This is fantastic when running regram/repost campaigns, when running hashtag contests, and when engaging your audience.

You can also get real-time notifications when your brand or business is mentioned on the web or social media and easily share them to your social media accounts with a simple click.

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