Copy paste these fried chicken hashtags to your Instagram posts

Fried Chicken Hashtags

No matter if you’re a food blogger posting about a fried chicken recipe, or a restaurant pushing out your specials, or heck someone who just loves Fried Chicken, if you are posting to Instagram about fried chicken, you’ve got some work to do. Especially on Fried Chicken Day (July 6). There are over 1,757,949 posts tagged #friedchicken on Instagram…so how are you to compete with all that lip-smacking fried chicken food porn out there? Start off with these Fried Chicken hashtags. They will help you to get more organic reach on Instagram. Then, use the strategy outlined below to target eyes that will convert.

Fried Chicken Hashtags

#friedchicken #chicken #friedchicken #fried? #southernfriedchicken #kfc #crispyfriedchicken #? #chickenfried #hotchicken #soulfood 

How to Use Fried Chicken Hashtags

How to use branded hashtags to get more brand recognition

Start with Your Brand’s Hashtags

Because Instagram is built on User-Generated content, being smart about hashtags can seriously help you build your brand recognition. Take Anthony of Eating Nola. He includes his hashtag on his profile AND on each and every single one of his finger licking posts…and while he has only created 3,600 posts, there are over 51,000 posts using his tag. That’s pretty powerful stuff, right?

Piggy back on other brand's hashtags

Include Associated Brand Hashtags

The great thing about piggybacking on other brand’s hashtags is that you open up yourself to their audience. This kind of thing can be done with a competitor’s hashtag…but that has to be done carefully. It is a much better idea to use hashtags for brands and businesses that are aligned with you. For example, This post from Blue Ribbon (one of the best restaurants for fried chicken in New York). They partnered up with Krug Champagne and included the hashtag #krugchampagne on their post. Now imagine an Instagram user exploring Krug…suddenly, there is this picture of scrumptious fried chicken…Blue Ribbon has suddenly opened themselves up to being discovered by Krug’s audience. Pretty smart stuff.

GEt locals and tourists to discover your fried chicken shack with location hashtags

Include Location Tags

This is especially important if you are a local brand or business. Imagine you are Dirty Bird to Go (Amazing mac & cheese there – FYI) and that they had not used the location tags #batterypark or #highline. How many people exploring Instagram by those hashtags would have discovered them? Non, right? Luckily, Dirty Bird to Go has both delicious fried chicken AND a smart Instagram manager!

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

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