How to get more views on your Instagram posts for Friendship day

Friendship Day Hashtags

Friendship Day is another greeting card holiday. It was concocted by Joyce Hall who founded Hallmark Cards. This one didn’t take off like Valentine’s Day did, but it is still a great marketing opportunity for your brand or business. If you plan to post to Instagram on this holiday, take a few seconds to copy the Friendship Day Hashtags below. They are optimized to get you the most organic views for your posts.

Friendship Day Hashtags

#FriendshipDay #BestFriends #Friends #BFF #Friendship #ILoveMyFriends #Squad #SquadGoals #Crew #FriendsForever #happyfriendshipday #BestBuds #Bromance

Different Friendship Day Celebrations

There are multiple celebrations when you can use your Friendship Day Hashtags. Check out the list below:

National Friendship Day – First Sunday in August.
Women’s Friendship Day  – Third Sunday in August
International Friendship Month – February
Old Friends, New Friends Week – Third week of May

How to Use Friendship Day Hashtags

Mix them with Your Custom Hashtag

Custom hashtags allow your audience to act as brand advocates

Using a custom hashtag can have huge benefits to your brand. Just take a look at the Wet and Wild account. Their profile includes instructions to their audience:  “Use #wetnwildbeauty to be featured.” If you check out their account, you will also see that they have only created 1,904 pieces of content but there are over 100,000 posts using their hashtag. That means that their audience is taking the time not just to post about them, but to follow their instructions and use their hashtag. This means that there are over 100,000 pieces of content created by others helping the brand market itself. Pretty powerful, right? They combined this tag with the #FriendshipDay hashtag and a super relevant post for a wonderful result. Thinking about creating a custom tag? Read this article on how to create and use a custom brand hashtag.

Include Industry Hashtags

Use industry hashtags on Instagram to be seen by people interested in your industry

Lingerie website Lingeriely knows that it takes more than Friendship Day Hashtags to get people to convert. Notice how they included #LuxuryLingerie as a hashtag. This makes it so their post has a higher chance of being seen by people to convert. When you post, think about your end goal and your industry and add hashtags that could be of interest to your target audience.

Use Location Hashtags

How to use location hashtags to get an ROI from Instagram

If you are a local brand, business, or service; you must include location hashtags. These will make it so your chance of being seen by a local clientele increases. Note the post above, they used the county, city and a landmark.

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Accounts


You’re now fully equipped with your Friendship Day hashtags and you know how to mix them with other types of hashtags. You have more work to do. Instagram recently implemented an algorithm that renders hashtags ineffective unless you get engagement.

This means you need to post to Instagram consistently, engage your audience by liking their posts and following your targeted audience, and keeping your account clean.

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