Instagram photography hashtags to help your reach

An Optimized List of Photography Hashtags For Instagram

Social media is all about being visual. In fact, visual arts and social media beautifully complement each other.  Studies have shown that Facebook posts that include images get 2.3 times more engagement than those that are plain text. This is just Facebook, but similar results are seen across all other social networks, especially Instagram. It makes sense that if you are in the Photography industry you market yourself on social media, especially Instagram. But these networks are not “if you build it, they will come”. You need to take many things into account, especially hashtags. Hashtags are how people will find and discover your photography account on Instagram. When they are used properly, you will increase your organic reach and give yourself a chance to compete in this environment. Before we get into the proper use of Photography hashtags, here is a list that you can copy and save to use whenever you post to your social media accounts.

Photography Hashtags For Social Media

This is a list of optimized General Photography Hashtags for you to use on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. To use them, click on the “copy” button below on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.

#Photograph #Photographer #Vsco #Vscocam #Photographers_tr #Photographie #Landscape_captures #Photographers #Photographysouls
#All_shots #Portrait #Vscocamphotos #Socialdraft#Photographs #Beautiful #Photographylovers #Nature #Outdoorphotography #Foto #Beauty #Pictureoftheday #Silhouette #Picoftheday #Art #Contrast #Landscape

Best Practices for Photography Hashtags

“Carpe Diem” _______ I listened to a great podcast on Improve Photography recently, which talked about using your what you have personally to your advantage. I love the examples that @jimharmer used. I’m paraphrasing, but he gave the following examples. If you are going to college and have lots of good-looking friends, use them as models to build your portfolio. If you just recently became single, use that to your advantage, because now you’ll have a lot of free time. Everyone has some advantage in some way, so figure it out. ______ Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do. _____ To the photo. Here’s my advantage. I live in an area with a lot of canals and old sheds/barns, so I try to capture good light whenever I can. I got some good light on this evening, which painted the canal beautifully. ______ Don’t forget to check out my tagged friends ??! They are my good friends and are great IGers. ______ #visitidaho #artofvisuals #ig_dynamic #ig_myshot #arte_objetiva #earthlandscape #ig_impulse #ruskpromo #ig_today #idahogram #idahoexplored #idahodaily #ig_idaho #idaho #idahome #bpa_rural #countryfeatures #renegade_rural #ig_countryside #countrylifestyle1 #gottolove_this #agameoftones #ourplanetdaily #earthofficial #traveldeeper #nakedplanet #colors_of_day #magictpict #fantastic_globe

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Hashtags are roads for people to reach your content. Every tag needs to be carefully constructed so that you make it easier for the right people to reach you. Using the wrong hashtags can get the wrong neighborhood to your account and this means people that won’t convert. (If you want to really learn everything about how to pick hashtags, read this post explaining how to pick the perfect hashtags). Using the same metaphor, if you are a city and you want tourism to increase, you want to build many roads. So on a social network like Instagram, you want to use the maximum number of hashtags. That’s 30. That means that you have 30 roads that will allow people to get to your city. One thing that you will have to battle is the huge amount of content that is being pushed out on Social Media, especially on Instagram. Using hashtags that are very popular means that your content will most likely get pushed down in the feed quickly. A better strategy is to concentrate on medium sized hashtags to help you come up on top posts and increase the number of targeted  people who get to see your post. So while you can those hashtags that you see everyone else using like #photooftheday, #like4like, or #instagood to give yourself a chance of coming up on search for those images, you should combine them with more targeted hashtags like those that are truly specific to your area of Photography. A Few Photography Hashtag Tips Take advantage of being able to use 30 hashtags per photo on Instagram Check a hashtag before using it. You don’t want to use a hashtag that is either too popular or not popular enough, and you want to check to make sure you don’t end up in a bad hashtag neighborhood. On Instagram, don’t put your hashtags in the write up, add them as a comment. This will help the legibility of the post. A Few Instagram Tips Pick theme


Everything about this image is shocking ? shockingly gorgeous pup named Bama #huskymix #heterochromia A photo posted by Shaina Fishman (@shainafishman) on

Photography is a very broad subject. There’s landscape and portrait. Within portrait there’s children, pets, wedding and more. If you focus on one niche within that category, it will be much easier for you to find and engage your target audience.

Have a Consistent Aesthetic

Light drips #infrared #iceland #seeyousoon

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As a photographer on Instagram, all of your images should have an element that ties them together. This could be that they are all black & white, or that you always process them the same way, but the whole idea is that people automatically recognize your images as soon as they see them. So, at least for Instagram, think about what your aesthetic will be. It will bring your account together, and make it easy for your audience to know it was you that posted that image as soon as they see it.

Post to Instagram on a Consistent Basis


As soon as your photography brand or business is inactive on Social Media you will notice a drop in followers and your reach. In order for you to stay relevant, you must post on a daily, and if you can’t post daily, at least at a consistent basis. You can use a dashboard like Socialdraft to schedule posts not just to Instagram, but to Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Business pages.

Engage your Audience

Engagement is the best way to grow a vested, engaged audience. After you post each of your images, take a few to click through to your hashtags. From the “Top Posts” area, click on the first of these. Engage the first 10 people that come up. If they liked content similar to you, it is quite possible they will like yours. And, if you craft a good, solid engagement, they will most likely follow you as well.

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

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