How to use Socialdraft

Getting Started Guide

Thanks for signing up for Socialdraft. We are thrilled to have you as a user and look forward to taking care of you. We have put this getting started guide to help you on your way to social media success.

The Socialdraft dashboard allows you to schedule posts for one Facebook Account (this is the one that is connected to the dashboard. You can choose to disconnect this account at any time),  Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Accounts, Instagram Accounts (scheduling only – publishing is done on your smart phone or tablet), one LinkedIn personal account, Pinterest Boards.

Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Connect Your Social Media Accounts


  1. Enter your mobile number
  2. Connect Facebook: Make sure you are connected to a Facebook account that is admin to all the Facebook pages you need to connect. If you are using Facebook business manager, give one of your users admin access to all the pages you need to manage in the Socialdraft dashboard. Once you click “Connect” Socialdraft will port over all the Facebook pages that are tied to that account. If you don’t want the personal account to be tied to the Socialdraft dashboard, you can delete it in settings.
  3. Connect Twitter: You will need to connect each Twitter account separately. Make sure you are logged into the Twitter account you want to connect. Click “Connect”. When the Twitter prompt comes up, click “Authorize App”.  Once the page refreshes, this account will be connected. Repeat until you have connected all the desired Twitter pages.
  4. Connect Instagram: You will need to connect each Instagram account separately. Make sure you are logged into the Instagram account you want to connect. Click “Connect”. Follow the prompts from Instagram. Once you are connected, the page will refresh and you can repeat the process to connect the rest of your Instagram pages. NOTE: There is one more step which is connecting mobile numbers to each account. We will go though this at a later time.
  5. Connect LinkedIn: LinkedIn works like Facebook. You will need to be logged into a LinkedIn account that is an admin for the business pages you want to connect. Once you are logged in, click “Connect”, follow the LinkedIn prompts, and Socialdraft will port over the account that connected as well as any pages that account is an admin for. You can choose to disconnect the personal account in the settings area after you are done with setup.
  6. Connect Pinterest: You will need to connect each Pinterest account separately. Make sure you are logged into the Pinterest account you want to connect. Click “Connect” Follow the prompts from Pinterest. Once you are connected, the page will refresh and all your Pinterest boards will be connected to the Socialdraft Dashboard.
  7. Add Mobile Numbers to Instagram: In order to publish to Instagram, you will need to associate a mobile number to each Instagram account. This number will receive the SMS with the image and write up for the post. Click over to “Setting” On “Social Profiles” look for the Instagram connections area. Below each Instagram account, there will be a prompt to add a mobile number. Socialdraft works throughout the world, so if you have people working with you in other countries, it is not an issue. Click “Add Mobile”, choose the country from the drop down, and enter the mobile number. Click “Done”
  8. Disconnect Any Unwanted Profiles: If you want to disconnect any accounts, this is the place to do so. Just click “Disconnect” next to the social media account you want to disconnect.

Once you have connected all your accounts, you will see a modal box welcoming you to Socialdraft. Press the button prompting you to get started.

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Socialdraft Tutorial: Adding Team Members


If you are on any of the Team plans, you will have an option to add team members. You can use this feature for employees, contractors, interns, and even to give clients access to their accounts. With Socialdraft you get to decide what your team members have access to and what they can do on the dashboard.

  1. Go to Settings > Team
  2. Enter Basic Information: First Name, Last Name, Email
  3. Set Permissions: Click on the social networks you want this team member to have access to. If you click one by mistake, click it again to deselect it. This allows this team member to schedule posts to these networks.
  4. Manage Posting: If you enable this feature, you will have to manually approve every post for this user before it publishes. This feature is great for new contractors, interns, and anyone who needs more supervision. If you wish to turn on this feature for this user, click “Enable” under “Managed Posting”.
  5. Set Page Permissions: Choose if your user will have access to other Socialdraft features including Photos (our Instagram search, engagement, and repost engine), and Feed (engagement for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).
  6. Repeat for Additional Users

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Set Up Social Categories


Social categories allow you to put posts into certain categories. This allows you to easily find a post when needed and works wonders with our Duplicate post feature. A few sample categories: “Industry + Memes”, “Brand + Education”, “Business Name + Weekly Special”

  1. Go to Settings > Social Content Categories
  2. Name Your Category: In the allotted area, type the name of your category.
  3. Click “Create Category”
  4. Repeat: For any other categories you want to create

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Socialdraft Tutorial: Setting Up Your Time Zone


Setting up your time zone is incredibly important. While Socialdraft only allows you one main time zone, you can edit time zones during the time of post creation if you have clients or accounts in different time zones.

  1. Go to Settings > Timezone
  2. Select the Timezone: Click the drop down arrow to select your time zone.
  3. Click Save Changes

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Socialdraft Tutorial: Setting Up Projects


As mentioned before, Socialdraft allows you to schedule posts to Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Accounts, Instagram Accounts, LinkedIn Business Pages, and Pinterest Boards.

One of the features of Socialdraft is that you can set up “Projects”. A Project is a group of social networks that can schedule the same content. You can create projects with any combination of social networks, for example:

  • Example 1: Facebook page 1, Facebook page 2, Facebook page 3.
  • Example 2: Facebook page 1. Twitter account 1, Instagram account 1, LinkedIn Page 1

This feature is particularly helpful for franchises, and local businesses that run promos continuously. This is an incredible time saver.

  1. Go to Settings > Projects
  2. Click “Create New Project”
  3. Choose Social Networks: These are the networks that you want to associate with this project.
  4. Click “Create Project”
  5. Repeat 

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Populate Your Calendar


Socialdraft also has a feature called SmartID. It allows you to identify the most influential people who have already engaged you on Facebook and Twitter.

SmartID tells you why they are influential, AND gives you their Social Media accounts so you can cross engage them on Social Media.

In order to use this feature, you need to populate your calendar. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings > Populate Calendar
  2. Select the Pages to populate: You can select one or multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.
  3. Choose the number of Posts. Information is great, just keep in mind that if you pick the maximum amount of posts it will be a tad slower
  4. Click Populate
  5. Click View Calendar or Populate Another Account

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Connect Bitly to Socialdraft


The Socialdraft social media dashboard is compatible with That means that you can enjoy the analytics and priviliges of bitly when scheduling to the following social media dashboards with Socialdraft.

Where to Find My Bitly Information

  1. Log onto Bitly
  2. Go to Your Account >Settings > Advanced Settings > API Support


Where to Connect my Bitly to Socialdraft

  1. Go to Settings > URL Shortener
  2. Enter the information provided by Bitly
  3. Click Save Changes


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Socialdraft Tutorial: Billing


  1. Go to Settings > Account
  2. Questions: If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact us on support.

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Schedule a Post 


The Socialdraft Social Media Marketing Suite and Calendar allows you to schedule posts for one personal Facebook Account, Multiple Facebook Business Pages, Multiple Twitter Accounts, Multiple Pinterest Boards, Multiple LinkedIn Business pages, One LinkedIn account, Multiple Instagram Accounts. Here’s how  you do that:

  1. Choose a date: From the Socialdraft calendar, simply click on the date you want your post to publish.
  2. Your Write up: Enter your write up. For tagging Facebook pages, simply start to type @ plus the name of the page. A drop-down will come up so you can choose the appropriate page.
  3. Add a link: if desired.
  4. Quality Check: Check the write-up length for Twitter posts
  5. Add an image: Mandatory for Instagram or Pinterest posts.
  6. Select your Networks: Choose the social networks you want to schedule this post on.
  7. Album: If Facebook photo post, choose an album for the post (optional)
  8. Category: Choose a category for this post (optional).
  9. Time: Choose the time you want this post to come out or let Socialdraft choose a time with the TrueTime feature.
  10. Finish: Schedule your post.

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Duplicate a Social Media Post


One of the most frequently used features of the Socialdraft Social Media dashboard is “Duplicate Post”. The duplicate feature lets you clone a social media post for a later date. You can use this as often as you like as long as you keep the restrictions of each social network in mind (for example, Twitter does not let you publish the same content within a 24-hour span).

1. Click on the post
2. Click “Duplicate”
3. Choose the date you want the post to duplicate to
4. Change the time
5. Click “Save”

It’s that simple. You can do this over and over again and the feature works for all Social Networks that can be linked to Socialdraft:

Facebook Pages
Twitter Accounts
Instagram Accounts
Pinterest Pins
and LinkedIn Page posts

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Schedule a Post Using the Bookmarklet


Socialdraft allows you to easily share content from any website via the Socialdraft bookmarklet. You can get the bookmarklet at the link below:

How to add the Socialdraft Bookmarklet

  1. Click the Shortcut: Once you have the bookmarklet installed, click the shortcut and a modal box will open. This box will contain the basic information for the post.
  2. Edit the Write Pp: If desired, edit the write-up and add an image.
  3. Pick Social Networks: Choose the social profiles you want this to publish to.
  4. Pick Your Date & Time: Select a date and time or let TrueTime pick for you

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Use the CSV Bulk Uploader to Schedule Content


The Socialdraft dashboard allows you to bulk schedule content using a CSV spreadsheet.  When using this feature you can include both a link and an image for your posts.  When you use this feature you can schedule to Facebook Pages, Twitter Account, Instagram Accounts, LinkedIn Business Pages, and Pinterest Boards.

1. Go the Calendar
2. Click on “Import CSV”
3. Download “Starter CSV”
4. Fill in Your CSV (if you need assistance – just go to and ask a team member for support).
5. Once your CSV is ready with your content, click “Upload CSV file”
6. Find your file and upload to the dash
7. Click Submit
8. Review your posts
9. Click Schedule

This is a great feature to use if:

1. You have recurring events (sales, specials, birthdays)
2. You have evergreen content to share (reviews, educational information).

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Schedule, and Repost Instagram Content


The Socialdraft Social Media Suite has a very robust Instagram implementation. With Socialdraft, you can:

Schedule posts to multiple Instagram Accounts

  • Click on the date you want to schedule your post
  • Enter your caption
  • Add a link (optional)
  • Add your hashtags (optional)
  • Add your image (mandatory)
  • Choose one (or multiple Instagram accounts)
  • Click Schedule

2. Allow team members to create content

3. Search Instagram posts

  • Search by keyword or hashtag

4. Repost Instagram content: You can repost to Instagram, but to Facebook business pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn business pages, Pinterest Boards, and…of course…Instagram.

  • Find the content you want to repost
  • Click “Share”
  • Edit the write up (optional)
  • Pick a date you want this to schedule
  • Select the Social Networks you want to schedule this to
  • Click “schedule”

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Assign a Task to a Team Member


Socialdraft Team Members have the ability to assign tasks to team members. This is a great tool for people working in teams, working with freelancers, and even interns.

The Socialdraft dashboard allows you to assign these tasks by social network & account so that your team member knows exactly what the task is for.

There is even an option for other tasks – this is perfect if you need someone to make some copies, call a client, or stop for donuts.

1. Click on “tasks”
2. Click on “create task”
3. Choose the person you want to assign the task to
2. Select the account the task is for
3. Set its priority (low, med, high)
4. Give it a title
5. Describe the task & add notes
6. Set a due date

It’s that simple. The team member to whom that task is assigned will be notified in two ways:

1. Via email
2. Via dashboard notification when they log on

The team member can add notes and mark their progress. Once they have satisfactorily completed the task, you can mark it as complete.

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Schedule GIFs to Twitter and Facebook


You can now schedule GIFs to Twitter and Facebook using the Socialdraft dashboard.

How to Schedule a GIF for Twitter

First,  you must save the GIF file into your computer. Once you’ve done that:

1. Save the GIF file onto your computer
2. Enter the write-up
3. Upload the GIF
4. Choose the Twitter account the GIF should post to
5. Choose a category (optional)
6. Schedule

How to Schedule a GIF for Facebook

For Facebook you need to use the link that the GIF lives on – simply right click the GIF and open in a new window. Copy this link.

1. Enter your write up
2. Paste the link for the GIF
3. Once the GIF loads, delete the link but leave the preview.
4. Choose the Facebook page the GIF should post to.
5. Choose a category (optional)
6. Schedule

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Socialdraft Tutorial: How to Approve A Team Member’s Post


On Socialdraft at the team levels, you can set permissions for sub-users.

One of the permissions available is “Managed Posts”. If you turn on managed posts, your team member will be able to schedule posts, but they will not publish unless they are approved by the account admin.

1. Click the post that needs approval (it will be in grey)
2. Review the post, edit if needed.
3. Once you are happy with the content, click Approve.

There are a few more tutorials coming soon (how to pull reports, how to use the newsfeed, and how to comment on a task).

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