Google Indexes Tweets

This is HUGE. We’ve always said that Twitter was itself a mini search engine. Now, search giant Google will have access to Twitter content. This means tweets will come up on Google search results. This has ginormous meaning to anyone marketing on social media, be it a local business, a publication, or a brand.

Google Indexes Tweets



In the past, Google had to crawl Twitter for information. With the new deal, Google will get instant access to Tweets so they will come up in search results immediately (just as they did in 2009 before the deal between the companies lapsed).


Imagine you are a mom and pop restaurant. You’re active on twitter and someone searches “where to get tarte tatin in New York”. If you’ve recently tweeted about this, Google may serve your content to the person searching. All other restaurants that have not been active will miss out on the chance. Same if you are a blog. If you constantly tweet your original content, you have a higher chance of getting people to click over to your site. Basically:

  • 1. Twitter is becoming more searchable
  • 2. Logged out, non-Twitter users will be a step closer to seeing Tweets (they will land on a “logged out” page and prompted to sign up or sign in)


It’s not really as simple as you tweeting in order to get your content to serp on Google. Yes, Tweets will make it easier for Google to find your content, but other things will most likely count towards what is indexed and how. We’re thinking:

  • Number of retweets
  • Quality of the retweet (influence for the person retweeting)
  • Number of favorites on the tweet
  • Who favorited the tweet
  • Has your tweet been embedded on another website

This does not mean that if you go out and buy a bunch of retweets you can game the system. Google is smarter than that…


1. Get Active on Twitter: If you’re not already active on Twitter. Get to it. Begin tweeting and interacting daily.

2. Create Quality Content: Create content for your website/blog that is evergreen (check out the video for a nice explanation of this).

3. Share that Content on Twitter: When you do, make sure to use images and relevant hashtags. If appropriate (and only if appropriate) tag people.

4. Make friends: You should have been interacting with your audience and making friends. If you’ve been doing this, people will be listening to your account…and you’ll increase your chances of getting them to favorite, share and retweeting your content.


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