Groundhog Day Hashtags for Instagram & How to Use Them

December 9, 2016

A guide to Groundhog Day Hashtags


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What’s This?

If you have ever lived in the US, you know that everyone eagerly awaits the mos famous weather man on February 2nd. His name is Punxsutawney Phil (there’s also Staten Island Chuck and Malverne Mel) and each year, this woodchuck sneaks out of his resting place. If he sees his shadow, it is said that winter will last 6 more weeks. If he does not, then Spring and warmer weather is predicted to come early. If you aren’t familiar with the holiday, I suggest you add the Bill Murray film to your Netflix queue. This alone can give you some incredible ideas for marketing during the holiday…but before you do, take a few seconds to click the copy button below the Groundhog Day Hashtags below. These are here to get you started on your Instagram marketing strategy for this so very strange holiday.

#GroundhogDay #GroundhogsDay #BillMurray #Winter#Spring #Weather #DejaVu #Punxsutawney #PunxsutawneyPhil #PunxsutawneyPA #PunxsutawneyPennsylvania #Pennsylvania #GobblersKnob #StatenIslandChuck #MalverneMel #VernalEquinox #Shadow #noshadow

I’m not a fan of winter, so I’m not a fan of this holiday, but if you play it smart you can get a lot out of your Instagram posts.  Let’s give you a brief look into the film – that may inspire a little inspiration in you.

Groundhog Day The Movie

Meteorologis Phil Connors (Bill Murray) goes to cover Groundhog Day. He gets stuck in a loop end ends up waking up to Groundhog Day – every day. Everyone repeats the same activities, but Connors is able to do whatever he wants. SPOILERS: He hates it at first, but then begins to use this time to learn tons of cool things and win the heart of Rita Hanson (played by Andie MacDowell).

Groundhog Day Hashtags & Ideas on How to Use Them

Posts About Shadows

A good idea post for groundhog day is to create posts that mimic seeing the shadow

This very simple post got more than 8,000 likes and plenty of comments. You can take inspiration from Fossil and craft a post around shadows. This would work well for almost any tangible good, but also for hair dressers, lawyers, and more. The post highlights the product, but cleverly ties into the holiday. This is a win!

Bring on The Cuteness

A simple post to share your excitement about Groundhog Day can be quite effective on Instagram

This post works because it is simply about the holiday. Target is selling nothing, but giving their audience a super cute (and very impactful) image to engage with.

Promote Your Stuff

Promote your Groundhog day items on Instagram

This was a no brainer for Benjamin Moore Paints. They offer a paint color called Groundhog Day. Maybe you’re not this lucky, but there are possibilities…If you sell anything that can be related to the holiday, this is your chance? Got a clock like the one on the movie cover? Maybe you sell top hats? How about Bill Murray Tee-Shirts. Take a look through your inventory and see what you can push.

PRO TIP: “If you are a local business, make sure you incorporate geo-targeted hashtags into your Groundhog Day Instagram post so that you can be found by your local audience”

 Promote Your Weather Related Products

Groundhog day is a good opportunity to create weather related Instagram posts

This is a smart post, and one that personalities and shops can easily be inspired by. Imagine you’re a bathing suit shop (great opportunity to push your bikinis)…or a travel agency (sell your tropical locations if he predicts more cold – and even if he doesn’t you can promote an escape until the good weather arrives…or even a restaurant (promote your warmest comfort dish if Phil predicts cold, or something super refreshing if he goes with warm weather). In this case, supplement your hashtags with industry related tags. In this case I may have included #bikini #swimsuit and other related hashtags.

Play on the Weather

Groundhog Day offers many opportunities for travel and lifestyle brands on Instagram

We touched on this a bit, but Groundhog Day is a perfect opportunity to promote travel and activities. Whether you push Spring or Winter is up to Phil. Check out this great post from Fort Worth Texas. They’re using it to build excitement around the Spring and sports activities for the season. Take note that they also included geo-targeted hashtags here such as #seefortworth and #fortworth.

Tips to get the most out of your Groundhog Day Hashtags for Instagram

Post Daily (or as consistently as possible)

Now that you have your Groundhog Day Hashtags, you need to start thinking strategy. You can’t expect to post only during holidays such as Groundhog Day and for that to have an effect on your business. With Instagram, it’s a consistent schedule, engagement, and love that will get you where you need to be.  You can use a social media tool such as Socialdraft to schedule your Instagram posts for multiple accounts. Socialdraft also has capability to let you assign different people to schedule these Instagram posts and to publish them when the time comes.

There is even an Instagram hashtag search. It brings up the latest pieces of content for that hashtag. From there, you can like that content, repost it to all your connected social networks (not just Instagram, and you can engage your community.

If you are curious about how Socialdraft can help you with your Instagram marketing, take us for a risk free trial of our social media calendar tool . If you have questions, open up a chat with one of our agents.

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