Facebook groups offer great benefits for businesses and brands

A Complete Guide to Facebook Groups

One Social Media power tool most people don’t consider is Facebook Groups. Facebook groups are a fantastic way to get more traffic to your blog, to network with others in your industry, and to get more clients. If you are a social or digital marketer who is not currently utilizing Facebook groups, you’re missing out. This will be your complete guide to Facebook Groups. We’ll discuss how to find the right groups for your business, how to properly engage, and how to create, grow and manage your own group.

A Complete Guide to Facebook Groups

The good news is that there are a ton of Facebook Groups created daily for every industry. Just to give you a few examples:

As you can see groups are as varied as they come. You have two choices when it comes to Facebook groups, you can join an existing community or you can create and grow your own. Joining a group is a great idea because someone has already done the work for you. They have grown a community of people who are interested in your business and put them all in one place so you can engage.

Finding and Joining Facebook Groups

  1. Enter the search term into the Facebook search bar
  2. When the page refreshes click on “Groups” on the top Navigation Bar.
  3. Scroll to see all the available groups
  4. When you see a group that interests you, open the group.
  5. Inspect the number of followers, people who are in the group, the description to see if this is a Facebook group that will be of value to you.
  6. Read the description & the rules so you understand how the group works
  7. If you want to join the group, click “Join Group”
  8. depending on the privacy of group, you may be accepted immediately or you’ll have to wait for admin approval.

Tips to Properly Engage in Facebook Groups

Don’t expect to just hop on a group and start linking out to your content, asking for follows, and shilling your brand. This is not how it is done. Follow the rules of engagement for Facebook Groups below and you’ll be a-OK:

  1. Read the Rules: Each group has its own rules. If you unwittingly violate a rule, you may get kicked out. Worst than that, you will leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. So make sure to read the rules and play nice.
  2. Introduce Yourself: When you are first accepted, make sure to introduce yourself to the group. Give your name, what your purpose is, and how you can be of help to the other members of the group.
  3. Be Conservative in Posting: Don’t spam the page by posting all day. Leave a post only if it is of service to the community.
  4. Contribute: If you see someone asking for help and you have the answer, help.
  5. Check Notifications: This way you can always know if there is a conversation you should take part in.
  6. Engage the Admins: The admins need to be your friends, so make sure to engage them in conversation and congratulate them when appropriate.

Benefits of Creating a Facebook Group

While I mentioned that you can join groups, there are issues. The group does not belong to you. This means you need to live by their rules. Most groups have a no self-promotion rule and no spam rules. This means that you are at their mercy and must play nice (we’ll discuss how you need to behave in groups later). If you create your own group you will reap many benefits including:

  • Decide who gets in (vet your audience)
  • Decide what kind of content your community shares
  • Get visibility for your brand
  • Build bonds with your community (humanize your brand)
  • Share your content
  • Create an army of brand advocates
  • Set the privacy of the group

How to Create a Facebook Group


  1. Click on “Add Group” on your Facebook home page (left side nav bar)
  2. When the modal box comes up, name your group (more in depth tips below)
    1. Keep it simple
    2. Think about how people would find this group and include those terms
  3. Add a members or two
  4. Choose your group’s privacy
    1. Public: Anyone can join or be added or invited by a member. It’s the easiest way to grow, but you’ll have to do a lot of cleanup and vetting
    2. Closed: Anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member. This is our favorite, it gives your group a feeling of exclusivity and gives you more control.
    3. Secret: To join, you must be added or invited by a member
  5. Add to Favorites so it is easy to find
  6. Click create
  7. Choose an appropriate Icon

How to Choose A Name For Your Facebook Group

Think SEO: The name of your Facebook group is super important. Ideally, you need to think SEO so it can be easily found by your target members. This means using keywords. For example, if your group promotes painting instruction, you’d want to think “Painting Tutorials”, “Painting Instruction”, Painting for Beginners”.

Keep it Short and Sweet: A long name is harder to remember and harder to find. Keep your Facebook group’s name to 2-5 words max.

How to Manage your Facebook Account

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