Use this list of Guitar hashtags for Instagram to get more likes and comments

Guitar Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

If you’re in the music industry, you’ll be dealing with guitars at some point. Maybe you’re a guitar store, a music venue, or even a bar and you need to promote your guitar related Instagram posts. The issue is that guitars are popular in the real world and on Instagram. The #guitar hashtag has been used over 16 million times as I write this post. Today, we’ll give you your essential guitar hashtags for Instagram. Then we’ll discuss how you need to use them and how you need to combine them with other hashtags in order to get in front of your ideal audience.  Before we get started, take a few seconds to copy and save the hashtags below, these will be the basis for your Guitar Instagram hashtag strategy on Instagram.

List of Guitar Instagram Hashtags

#Guitar #Guitarist #Instamusic #Instaguitar #Singing #Guitarcover #Guitarvideo #Instacover #Music #Coversong #Acousticguitar #Acousticcover #Electricguitar #Guitarplayer #Guitarra #Guitarporn #Guitarhero #Guitarsolo #Fingerstyle #Chords #Strum #StringInstrument #Guitarrist

How to Use Your Guitar Hashtags for Instagram

Mix associated brand and guitar hashtags to broaden your audience

Mix them up with Brand Hashtags

Phil Wenerson understands just how passionate people are about guitars. Because he understands this passion, he knows that if he uses brand hashtags such as #Fender #Gibson and #LesPaul, he will draw the eyes of their fans to his posts and in turn he will make his audience broader. The trick here is that his posts are relevant to this audience. Keep this in mind when you schedule your guitar Instagram posts and you can gain new targeted eyes.

If you are a local service you need to use city hashtags in your posts

Include Location Hashtags

Local brands, businesses and service providers (like a guitar store, guitar teacher, or a bands to name a few), need to use geo-targeted hashtags. The general guitar hashtags you copied earlier will get you more exposure by people who like guitars, but location hashtags get you seen by people who are more likely to convert. The band Stone Giant understands this. Notice how they not only tag #Brooklyn, the city where they are playing, but also the venue #FreddysBar. Whenever you post, take their example and think about the hashtags that locals will browse on Instagram so that they too can see your posts.

Use industry hashtags to attract hyper targeted views

Don’t Forget Industry Tags

#Guitar and #Guitarist are both very broad hashtags. There are many different parts to the industry, this means that in order to attract people that convert you’ll need to narrow things down. When you do, don’t go too narrow. Let’s dive into what is too narrow and what is not narrow enough.  Take the example above from New York Guitar Academy. Sure they want to attract people who like guitars, but in order for their Instagram efforts to yield and ROI, they need to attract those who are actually looking to learn to play the guitar. They were very smart about this, note their tags #learntoplayguitar and #guitar lessons will get them in front of the eyes that matter, eyes that convert.

Custom hashtags can help you convert customers in to brand advocates

Use Custom Brand Hashtags

If you don’t have a custom hashtag for your brand, you should create one now. Custom hashtags help you measure the interest in your brand, and can also help you convert your customers and audience into marketing groupies. Veritas Guitars understands this quite well.  Note the use of #VeritasGuitars and how the brand has only created 444 pieces of content, yet there are well over 1,000 posts that use their custom hashtag. That means that their audience has so much stock in the brand that they take the time to tag their images with the #VeritasGuitars tag. This is smart marketing.

How to Manage and Grow your Instagram Account


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