A list of the Top Halloween Hashtags

May 24, 2016

Increase your reach on Instagram with these Halloween Hashtags


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What’s This?

#Pumpkins #zombies #clown #HorrorMovies #ScaryStories #TrickOrTreat #SpookyCostumes

The hashtags above are related to one specific holiday. Bet I don’t have to tell you what it is…Did you get it right? YUP, IT’S HALLOWEEN!!!  Today we’ll discuss some marketing tips for Halloween, but before we get to that, keep in mind that you can use the list of Halloween hashtags below to get the most visibility for your Social Media posts before the Halloween season. Take a few seconds to copy and save these Halloween hashtags as they will be the basis for your strategy for the season.

Halloween Hashtags

#Halloween #Trickortreat #HappyHalloween #HappyHalloween #Party #Halloweenparty #Halloweenmakeup #Halloweencostume #Candy #Scary #Hauntedhouse #Holidays #Celebrate #Skeleton #Jackolantern #Bonfire #Cold #October #Devil #Skull #Pumpkin #Zombie #Fancydress #Creepy

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend roughly $7 billion on Halloween-related goods each year. This is great news for the pumpkin and candy corn industries, but what does it mean for your business?

It can mean a lot. Most of your customers will be in the spirit and there is absolutely a way for you to incorporate this spooky holiday into your marketing tactics. You should be taking advantage of this season of increased spending and ramp up marketing on social media, where consumers are most engaged. Besides, this will only put you into the mind of your customers for the winter holiday season.

Some obvious industries that will benefit from Halloween are of course candy and costume companies, but even florists, social media marketers, and even car rentals can come up with great ideas to engage their customers (and potential customers) during the holiday season.

How to use Halloween Hashtags

Run Halloween Contests

Contests are always a great way to get your audience engaged during the Halloween season. Big brands are known to do this, and you can too. Contests drive sales, brand awareness, and engagement during the season. Just remember to use a branded hashtag to track entries. Here are a few to give you some inspiration:

A Halloween hashtag contest is a great way to convert customers into brand advocates

American Apparel: American Apparel’s 2015 contest included giving away a 1978 Cadillac Allante. The rules? Create a Halloween costume using at least one piece of their clothing.   Then the user needed to tag it #aaHalloween to be considered for the prize. While you may not be able to afford a prize like this one, you can certainly run a similar contest for your business. Halloween is a good time to run a contest for customers

PetcoTheir “Make a Scene” contest asked their community to share pictures of their furry ones in costumes using the hashtag #MakeAScene. The prize was $25,000. In order to be considered, one had to follow Petco on Instagram, upload the pet’s photo to Instagram and tag it #MakeASceneContest. It resulted in over 2k entries and they shared the results on all their other social media channels raising their following quite a bit.

How You Get the Most out of Halloween Hashtags

Include Industry Hashtags

Be seen by people who are interested in your industry by using hashtags related to it

Using only Halloween hashtags is not going to get you the reach you need. It will get you more likes which increases your chances of getting you into top posts, but you need industry hashtags to be seen by people who are interested in your brand or business. Take the above post. This is absolutely perfect for Halloween since it deals with makeup and costuming. By using the #fxmakeup hashtags, they will attract not only an audience that is looking for Halloween inspiration but also by FX buffs who are sure to at least stop and watch this amazing piece of artwork. Note that they also use #StrangerThings which will get views from people who may not necessarily be looking at Instagram for Halloween but for the very popular show. The whole idea of hashtags is to increase your reach to a targeted audience.

Include Location Hashtags

Use location hashtags so that people in your area see your Instagram posts

Any local businesses, services or brands must use location hashtags on their Halloween posts. Why? So that a local audience can be exposed to your posts. Say you are a hairdresser advertising your hairdos for the Halloween holiday. If you only use Halloween hashtags, you’ll reach a general public, but if you use location tags, you will also get exposure from people in your area. These will be much easier to convert. In the above case, the NYCGO account which promotes tourism in NYC they have gone hyperlocal on their tags: #Brooklyn #NYC #CobbleHill #CarrollGardens #BrooklynHeights. This is a good example for local businesses to follow.

Halloween Pro Tip

Use those amazing hashtags above (plus your branded one) across all your social media channels. This way you can deliver a cohesive message. Hashtags work best on Instagram and Twitter, but you can still sneak them into Facebook and Pinterest. By cross-marketing on multiple social media platforms, you will maintain a consistent branded voice, increase the reach of your social media pages, and ultimately customer loyalty and ROI.

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Accounts

The best way to make sure you get an ROI from your Instagram account is to be consistent. First, you need to be consistent in posting. Ideally, you should post on a daily basis. If you can’t do this, try to post every other day.

The second thing you need to do is engage. Every time a post is published to Instagram, take 15 minutes to engage people. You can do this by searching people who are creating similar content (or people who have engaged your direct competitors). Once you do this, take a few seconds to follow them or like their posts. This tactic works to get you more likes, comments and follows.

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