Hootsuite Alternative?

March 3, 2018


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What’s This?

Socialdraft is your all-in-one social media tool for teams. Our goal is to simplify the tasks teams collaborating in Social Media have to perform. It’s a Hootsuite alternative with plenty of features.

Hootsuite Alternative

You maybe be asking how it compares to the current generation of social media tools. Glad you asked!  Here is a quick calculator.


How is Socialdraft different than Hootsuite?

Like Hootsuite, Socialdraft allows you to schedule posts to be shared on social media (with support currently for Twitter; Facebook profiles and pages; Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn business pages). Socialdraft, however, has several major differences from Hootsuite.

Easy Social Media Scheduling

Both Hootsuite and Socialdraft allow for social media management via uploading new content and manually and Bulk scheduling it to go out to one or multiple social accounts at any specific time. In Hootsuite, you also have the option of using the Auto Scheduler, which gives the app control of your posting schedule, so it decides for you when it will post your content. This is similar to our TrueTime feature.

But what happens if you want certain updates to go out on certain networks at different times than what Hootsuite’s Auto Scheduler decides for you?

Socialdraft does it differently.

While Socialdraft also allows you to upload your updates into a calendar, you have complete control over your posts. Want to move them around on the same day? Week? Month? It’s easy to do with a drag and drop. Want to repeat a post that performed incredibly well, simply drag and drop or duplicate it. This is true for all social accounts.

Socialdraft Has No Limits

Socialdraft does not provide the limit constraints on accounts that Hootsuite has in place.  Socialdraft has six plans to fit different types of social media businesses. However, if you need more social media accounts or reputation monitoring alerts, just message us on support and we’ll create a custom plan for you. Both Hootsuite’s Free and Pro plans limit how many messages you can have in your queue at any given time, and you’ll pay more if you need to schedule content above the limit. With Socialdraft there are no limits as to how much content you can schedule. Socialdraft also allows you to pull as many reports as you need to pull whenever you need to pull them.

Easy Design

One of the things we are focused on is User Experience. Socialdraft was conceived after constant feedback from avid social media users who hated the current generation of social dashboards today.

During our interviews this is what people said about the current crop of tools on the market:

Why is everything crawling down the screen. What is this, the Matrix? – PR Agent

Why do I need 40 windows open at once? – Social Media Guru

I am Mac not a PC. This is designed like Windows 3.1. – In-house Social Media Manager

We listened and designed Socialdraft to be a simple calendar system with some robust technology under the hood. You can still do posting, csv uploading, view and comment on posts in real-time. We designed this with the user in mind.

Socialdraft Has Influencer Marketing Tools

Socialdraft SmartID allows you to identify the most influential people to interact with your posts on Twitter with ease. This is especially important for large brands who don’t have time to search through thousands and millions of interactions to figure out who matters. Socialdraft tells you not just who they are, but what they are influential in, what websites they are associated with, and gives you links to their social media accounts so you can cross interact them. This tool is ridiculously powerful.

You can also use Socialdraft’s Instagram search tool to find people creating content around your brand. It’s the best way to grow a targeted audience that converts.

Should I use Hootsuite or Socialdraft?

So now that you know how Socialdraft is different from Hootsuite, which tool is right for you? Should you use Hootsuite or Socialdraft to manage your social media?

You should use Hootsuite if:

  1. You tend to share only one type of post and don’t need complete control of your posting schedule.
  2. You have time to continually add content and manage your queue daily.
  3. Enjoy having lots of clutter on your screen.
  4. You have a large complex team that requires multiple levels of approval and collaboration such as assigning different tasks.


You should use Socialdraft if:

  1. You manage various accounts and need a simple way of visualizing what is scheduled.
  2. You have don’t have time to continually add content and manage your queue daily.
  3. You’re a visual person who prefers quality over quantity.
  4. You don’t enjoy hidden costs as you add more profiles and scale your account.
Are you curious about Socialdraft? Want to discover all the things we do so you can really choose us as a Hootsuite alternative? Take us for a spin. We offer a risk-free trial.

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