Horse hashtags to help you get more likes and comments on your horse posts

Horse Hashtags and How to Use them on Instagram

The love of mankind for horses goes way back, in fact, our society was able to develop because of horses and our ability to ride on horseback. Although we no longer need to ride horses, our symbiotic relationship remains and horses are one of humanity’s most beloved friends. This means that those involved in agribusiness, equine nutrition, racing, veterinary care, and even the arts have a huge pool to market to if their craft is related to horses. However, this means there is a lot of competition as well, especially when marketing on Instagram. For example, the #equine hashtag has been used in over 1.6 million posts, and the #horse hashtag has been used 15 MILLION TIMES! Today, we’ll discuss how to use hashtags to get the most amount of targeted eyes on your horse related Instagram posts. Before you read ahead, take a few seconds to copy and save these top Instagram Horse Hashtags, they will be the building block of your Instagram strategy for your equine posts.

Horse Hashtags for Instagram

#Horse #Instahorses #Horses #Horsesofinstagram #Animals #Horseriding #Myhorse #Horselover #Horsehead #Horselove #Horseoftheday #Farm #Horsestagram #Horsejumping #Horserider #Horsey #Horsegirl #Horselove #Horsephotography #Horseback #HorsebackRiding #Horselovers #Equine

How to Use Your Horse Hashtags for Instagram

 We discussed above how the more general horse hashtags have been used a lot. The issue with these tags is that due to the way Instagram works, your posts will drop quickly down the feed…but you still need to use these to categorize your posts properly. That being said, you need to combine these more general hashtags with other types of hashtags in order to be seen by the right audience, an audience that converts. We’ll discuss the various types of hashtags that you need to use; just remember that when you research the other types of tags, that you should keep them between 5,000 to 500,000 uses. This way you don’t have too small of an audience or too large of an audience. Ok, let’s get down to business.

Use Industry Specific Hashtags

Make use of hashtags that are unique to your industry to get more eyes on your horse Instagram posts

Sure, people interested in horses will probably be interested in your post, but what if you are posting about something very specific to your industry, say trick training? In a case such as this, you need to include hashtags that are related to that part of the industry in order to attract eyeballs from people who are interested in particularly that. They are more likely to leave likes on your posts and to engage them and in turn can get you to the Top Posts for that tag which will get you even more likes. So, when you are about to post, think about what hashtags will attract hyper targeted eyes to really bring up those likes and push you up on the feed. Little Red Cowgirl, Danielle, understands this quite well. Note how her post includes both general horse hashtags and others that are hyper targeted to her audience.

Mix in Branded Hashtags

A custom horse hashtags can help you get more visibility on Instagram

Custom hashtags can be quite effective at getting your customers and audience to become a marketing army. Struck Apparel, a riding apparel brand has begun to use their branded hashtag #StruckApparel on their Instagram posts along with their horse hashtags. As you can see in the example above, customers and celebs are starting to post images of themselves wearing their items. This is a great way to control the conversation and to get your community involved. I would suggest to the brand that they add instructions to their profile write up so that their audience can be trained to use the hashtag more often.

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 Use Location Hashtags

Local brands and businesses need to use city and state hashtags on their horse instagram posts

If you are a local brand, business, or service provider; you increase your chances of conversion by having locals exposed to your posts. The easiest way to do this is first to geo-tag your post, then to use geo-hashtags such as neighborhood, city, state tags so that people who are interested in the city, and most likely in your area can see your post. Artist Whitney Landerson understands the power of location hashtags. The above post includes general horse hashtags (since a horse is the subject of her piece), horse industry hashtags (#kentuckyderby) to appeal to those who are passionate about horses, racing, and the derby; and finally location tags so that she can identify herself as an artist in Seattle.

Use Related Brand Hashtags

Ok, so this really works best when the brand is directly tied to your post, but I decided to use this example because this brandjacking worked perfectly for this brand. Note how Rupa Sutton included the #AnimalPlanet hashtag along with general horse hashtags. This resulted in people who are interested in the very popular animal TV network to be exposed to her post. Since her post is related to animals, she hit her target audience. This post would have been even better if she had been featured on the channel or was sponsored by them. Either way, it worked…so think about the brands that your audience is interested in, and test a few out to see how they increase your reach.

Managing and Growing your Instagram Account


Now that you have your list of horse hashtags and you know how to combine them with others, you’re better prepared to maximize your Instagram posts. However, Instagram recently implemented an algorithm that is based on engagement. Basically, if your posts don’t get likes and comments within a short time of you publishing, you’ll drop in the feed. You’re probably asking yourself “what do I need to do to get more likes and comments on my Instagram posts?”. It’s not too hard, but it is time-consuming. You need to post daily (or at least consistently), you need to engage your audience, you need to follow people who may like your images, and you need to keep your account clean. Socialdraft can help you with many of these including:

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