Hotel Review Monitoring

Running a hotel is getting harder and harder each day. There’s more competition not just from hotels, but also from people utilizing websites like HomeAway to rent out their homes. You don’t have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on an SEO campaign to get your website to rank on Google, and you’re worries about Yelp and Tripadvisor reviews harming your brand. We’ll discuss how employing a strong Social Media and brand monitoring campaign can help you with all this…all while not breaking the bank.

You’re already doing what you can in house. You work hard to keep your customers happy and keep them visiting your hotel time and time again.  You offer clean rooms, great free amenities and have a friendly staff on hand. You even do those extras that set you apart from other local hotels.

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Failing to keep your customers happy can mean poor results for your business.  With so many hotels it’s very easy for customers to pick up and stay somewhere else next time. That’s why it’s so important to know what’s being said about your business to keep your hotel reputation up to par.  One lousy review can ruin what you and your team have worked so hard to create over the years. With so many online social and review sites it can be a time suck to keep up-to-date on all of them and see what’s being said about your services and staff.


When you sign up for Socialdraft at the Super Genius and Enterprise levels, you can set up real time alerts that are shareable with the click of a button.

How are Socialdraft Alerts different than Google Alerts?

Socialdraft Alerts are completely different. Google Alerts only emails you if new articles, webpages or blog posts make it into the top ten Google News results, the top twenty Google Web Search results or top ten Google Blog Search results for your query. This means that if those SEO incredibly well, any other new mentions of your business may never make it to your inbox.

With Socialdraft, when you set up your alerts you are able to add modifiers, so that you get incredibly relevant results. The last thing you want is to waste time when you’re just trying to run your business.

Socialdraft monitors the entire web; this means social networks, blogs, and large publications so you don’t miss a thing.

On top of that, when you see positive alerts on your dashboard (like a positive TripAdvisor review), you can click “share” to create a social media post. For those that are negative, you can simply click the review to head to the source and get more information so you can handle the situation.

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We gave you a quick look into review monitoring. Now we’ll discuss your social media calendar and give you tips on what you should do to ramp up your social media efforts.

Why Social Media?

You may think social media is merely a way to get brand recognition, but it is way more than that. Smart use of social media can help you find people actively looking for a hotel in your area . It can also help you get indexed by Google and rank higher on search, and it can alert you to customer service issues that could hurt your brand.

How Can I Use Socialdraft to Manage my Hotel’s Social Media?

Once you’ve signed up for Socialdraft and set up your account. You will need to strategize. Have clear goals besides just “I want to increase my bookings”. Set goals such as, I’d like to increase click thru to my website by 10% using social media. This way you have measurable goals and metrics.

Then you can begin to schedule out your content as far ahead as you want on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIN. Scheduling content ahead of time allows you to have a clear view of what is going on, and to have time to handle everything else that comes with running a hotel without having to watch your Social all day. When something changes and a post needs to be re-scheduled, you can simply drag that post and drop it onto another day.

Then, begin to plan out your calendar. For your content marketing, keep the 80/20 rule in mind (80% non promotional, 20% promotional). Then begin to think about your content, this should be much easier since our dashboard is set up as a simple calendar – this will help you to visualize events, holidays, and more as you create your posts.


Share local events, travel tips, weather and news

Example Facebook post for Hotels

The Colonnade Hotel in Boston shares this type of content on a regular basis. These have no promotional content attached to them in any way. This is a great way to appeal to locals and tourists. Share the best thing your city has to offer and entice them to come. Your current guests probably need ideas on things to do…and remember to @tag accounts related to the event. This way they will receive a notification which will allow you to build a symbiotic relationship with them.

Promote AND Spotlight Your Events

Social Media is a great place to get people to attend hotel events

You’ve been sharing what’s going on around town, you’ll also want to share the events you are working on. Check out The Carlton Hotel in New York. They do a fabulous job promoting events like this one. Create teasers 3 weeks ahead, followed up by posts to remind your follower base. Then, after the event, share pictures and tag those who attended (with their permission, of course). This will increase your reach and let everyone know you’re the place to be.

Share and amplify content created by your audience

Hotels can share fan generated content on social media

Social media means that your clients and fans will be constantly sharing posts and pictures about your hotel. Instagram is a great place to find this content, which in our opinion is the best kind of advertising…on top of that, it’s free! The good news is that with the Socialdraft Photos feature, when you find a picture shared on Instagram by a fan, you can click “share” to share it to your other Social Media networks. Just check out an example on good Instagram shares from the Hard Rock Hotel. Make sure you give credit to the source, add a link, and send them a thank you for the share.

Use Social Media for Customer Service

Use social media for customer serviceWe absolutely love it when hotels use social media to handle customer service request. It is easier for your clients to simply tweet you than having to navigate your website to find where to email you. Make yourself available. Hotel Nikko is a wonderful example of how to handle customer service on social media.

  • first make yourself available, the hotel lets customers know they can tweet them questions and requests
  • monitor your social media so you miss nothing
  • follow this service up in real life, a simple welcome note from your social media manager with a bottle of Prosecco will do the trick
  • Understand that your clients may want to keep some things private, so always ask how they prefer to communicate with you

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