A guide to growing your salon's Instagram following

Hair Salon Instagram Strategies to Get Targeted Followers

As we discussed in our article on hairdressing hashtags for Instagram, it’s the perfect place for hair salons and independent stylists to acquire new clients. People tend to flock to Instagram not just for new hair ideas, but also to search for stylists who showcase their work in their area. But you can’t rely on organic traffic alone. If your Instagram following is only 100 people, chances are some of those are your friends. Others may be people outside of your geographical area. And that means those 100 people won’t all be seeing your posts (Instagram recently implemented an algorithm like Facebook’s). But don’t worry, with these hair salon Instagram strategies you’ll convert those Instagram eyes to customers in no time.

Hair Salon Instagram Strategies

Of course, your marketing power is only as strong as your social media reach. You’ll want to make efforts to attract followers. Here are a few tips to do just that:

Do not make your Instagram account private

Make your account public

Imagine you come across this profile for a hair salon. You can’t see their content. Sure, you can request an invite to follow, but you have better things to do. Your kid is crying and you just wanted to find a salon. You’ll probably go back on search and find another since you can’t get what you want immediately. Make your Instagram account public to help it grow.


Post Daily

Every study that has been conducted shows that if you don’t post on a daily basis, people will unfollow you. Think about it. People like fresh content. You need to give that to them. On top of that, if you are not active, you won’t be getting engagements. This means that Instagram’s algorithm will kick in and you’ll get less organic traffic. Good news is you can use a dashboard like Socialdraft to schedule your posts to Instagram. From there, it’s super easy to post.

How to grow your hair salon's Instagram account

Engage your Audience (and your desired audience)

The very least you should do is reply to comments left on your images. It’s just like if a client was sitting in your chair. If they said something, you’d reply. It’s only polite and shows your audience that you care about them online as well as in real life. Besides, you may even get questions about your business, just like Stevie English Hair Salons did in the example above.

This is not going to grow you that many followers. So, you need to go out there and find customers. This is a sneaky trick, but it works. Find the account for one of your competing salons. Click on their latest image. Then click on the people who liked those photos. These are your potential customers. Click over to their profile. Like and comment (honestly & earnestly) on their post. Then give them a follow. You will see your targeted follows grow.

You will also want to search your location and see those people who are posting while at your salon. These are happy customers and by engaging them, you give yourself a way to be seen by their friends and family.

Educate Your Customers to Share

When your customers come to the salon to get their hair done, offer them something special if they share their new do on Instagram. That can be a discount, an invite to a special event…whatever it is is up to you. Make sure that you clearly ask them to either tag your salon or use your branded hashtag. Also, make sure to have your Instagram handle clearly posted to quietly suggest this action.

An example of a good Instagram hair stylist contest  Run Contests

Contest work. It’s that simple. You can email your customers and ask them to post a picture of their favorite hairstyle. Select a winner (at random) and give them a small reward. If you want to increase your reach, you can ask them to tag a friend. If you do this, you will have to make the prize more palatable, as every call to action you require will decrease the number of entries. EZ Blowdry hair salon executed this beautifully. They made it super simple and the reward super clear.

Cross Market 

Not all of your customers may know you’re on Instagram. This means you need to let them know. When you first sign up, take these actions:

Cross promote on other social media sites: Announce this on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Send out a newsletter: And let your customers know that you’re now on Instagram

Add Instagram to your email signature: It’s easy and will make it even easier for your customers to follow you.

Link out to it on  your website: Make sure that your Instagram link is easy to find on your website

New Business Cards: Get new business cards made with your handle.

Tag verticals in your industry to get more engagement

Tag people

Yup, just not randomly. For example, if you use Paul Mitchell products, tag them on posts where you used their products. If your team is on Instagram, tag them in images that are relevant to them. The people tagged will receive a notification, this means it will be more likely they will like and comment on your post, and maybe even repost to their own account. Notice how celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri tags other pages on her posts to get more engagement for her brand (just tap the image to see the tags).

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts


With these hair salon Instagram strategies, you are now ready to start seeing targeted eyes reach your Instagram account. But, Instagram is a network that requires tools to save you time and help you plan your strategy. Socialdraft is an all-in-one Instagram management tool. Here are some of the things you can do with Socialdraft:

  • Schedule posts to multiple Instagram accounts
  • Have multiple people create and post content
  • Search hashtags
  • Repost images to all your connected social networks
  • and manage all your other social media

If you’re curious about how Socialdraft works, take us for a risk-free trial.

PS – If you use our list of optimized hashtags for Instagram AND you practice these tactics religiously, you will grow a targeted following that can be converted to customers for your hair salon. We’d love to see your Instagram feed. Maybe you have examples that we love and want to include in this piece. If you do, let us know.


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