Facebook Success Tips

Be Successful on Facebook in 4 Easy Steps

Facebook is an excellent tool to help increase brand awareness and attract potential customers for small businesses. A well designed Facebook page helps to gain exposure, cultivate relationships, and communicate with your target audience. We have featured many instructive and helpful Facebook articles on Socialdraft.

One of the most noteworthy Facebook topics include “Engagement,” which consists of three components: Likes, Comments, and Shares. Engagement plays a large role in who sees your posts, and the level of engagement is a major factor in Facebook’s algorithm which determines which News Feeds your posts get displayed in and how many users you’re able to reach.

We’ve also discussed using creative images when posting on Facebook. To keep your Facebook fans engaged, you must create and share images that get your followers to Like, share and comment on your posts. Try sharing images of your products or photos of your customers enjoying your services. Greenish and blue-gray hues tend to be less popular compared to colors like aqua, bright red, navy and chartreuse. And open scenes with little activity tend to be unpopular.

More recently, we’ve discovered 4 advanced Facebook tips to promote your brand, courtesy of Kevan Lee. Some of these tips are new and some reinforce the validity of effective promotional Facebook topics we’ve already covered.

Fridays Are Facebook's Best Day For Engagement

1) Fridays Are Facebook’s Best Day For Engagement

The Social Intelligence Report from Adobe analyzed over 225 billion Facebook posts from the past two years to come up with some data-backed recommendations for Facebook marketers. Their research on the best day to post indicated Fridays was the best day, which received more comments, likes, and shares than any other day of the week. The obvious takeaway here is to post more photos–and not just any photos. Choose photos that support your post or tell a story on their own. Certainly, Facebook pages are already embracing photos as posts: 75% of page updates are photos.

Biggest Traffic Drivers are Facebook Pinterest Twitter

2) Biggest Traffic Drivers are Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

In terms of quantity, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are the top three referrers of traffic. A Shareaholic study looked at a four-month period of data (December through March), covering more than 300,000 websites. In their study of engaged traffic, the lowest-performing sites for referral volume came out on top for engagement.

YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn ranked as the top three sources for referrals in terms of time on site, pages per visit, and bounce rate. Get involved in social media accordingly. If you’re after a big reach and spreading brand awareness, go with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The Shareaholic study also revealed that Facebook is the supreme king of social referrals. Last February, Facebook drove 21.25% of the overall traffic sites received. Since December, Facebook’s share of traffic grew 38% (5.81 percentage points). While brands enjoy hating on Facebook for limiting the reach of Pages and then forcing businesses to pay for ads, Facebook still continues to refer high traffic to websites when users share links they enjoy with all of their friends.

Interactions Per Post on Facebook

3) Interactions Per Post

Earlier this year, Social Bakers analyzed more than 40,000 pages to see exactly where the average engagement lies for pages of all sizes. Pages with 1 to 9,999 fans: 28 interactions per post 10,000 to 99,999 fans: 118 interactions per post. 100,000 to 499,999 fans: 385 interactions per post.

Interactions represent the total of comments, shares, and likes. In addition to the benchmark data above, Social Bakers also found that interactions on a particular post are directly correlated to a post’s reach. The more engagement a post gets, the more people will see it. Measure your Facebook page’s success against the benchmarks in this Social Bakers study. As time goes on, reach and interactions may continue falling, so these targets could be great to aim for but not the end of the world if you miss.

Photos Drive Engagement on Facebook Pages

4) Photos Drive Engagement on Facebook Pages

It’s likely that a stat about the power of visual content is not surprising to you, but how about a stat of this magnitude? According to Social Bakers, 87% of a Facebook page’s interactions happen on photo posts. No other content type receives more than 4% of interactions. The obvious takeaway here is to post more photos–and not just any photos. Choose photos that support your post or tell a story on their own. Certainly, Facebook pages are already embracing photos as posts: 75% of page updates are photos.

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