How to use the twitter poll feature

How to Create and Use Twitter Polls

Twitter is the place where we all go to air our grievances and push out our opinions. You as a marketer should absolutely take advantage of this. People love to give their opinions, and Twitter has an awesome tool to help you ask them what they think (and to help you get tons of engagement). That’s Twitter polls. Today we’re going to discuss how to create and use Twitter polls in order to get customer/community feedback AND to increase your engagement rates.

The feature was released in October of 2015 and is super easy to use from both desktop and mobile.

Uses for Twitter Polls

There are many reasons you should use Twitter polls.

  1. You can craft polls for market research (what product to release next)
  2. To ask for predictions (what social media network will dominate the coming year)
  3. To get product feedback (do you love, hate or loathe xyz product)
  4. To have fun and boost engagement
  5. To get reactions to trending topics, and much more. 

The possibilities are up to you.

Before the Twitter poll feature was released, if you wanted to craft a Twitter poll, you’d have to get imaginative. Most people would craft their write up and then ask people to either retweet or favorite to cast their vote. Some used hashtags. While this gathered engagement, it was clunky and hard to keep track of.

Now, you can create a simple four option Twitter poll that is embedded in your tweet.

Things You Need to Know About Twitter Polls

  • There are 4 answers
  • You need to watch the character limit (for now)
  • Polls have a lifespan of 24 hours
  • The poll announces its life span (how long it will last) and how many people have participated.
  • Votes are anonymous – sort of. Nobody will know what vote a person cast, but they will know he/she voted.
  • When the poll is done, results can be seen publicly.

How to Create a Twitter Poll

Click to begin your tweet & click on “Poll”

Step 1 to creating a Twitter poll

Add your multiple answers

Step two on how to create a Twitter poll

Click Tweet, this will publish your poll

Example of what a Twitter poll looks like after it has published

Once people vote, it will look like this.

A Twitter poll that has been voted on will show the number of votes

What happens when someone retweets my poll?

If someone retweets your poll, their followers will be able to vote on it

The poll will show up on their newsfeed to their followers. Anyone can vote from a retweeted poll. This means you want retweets!