A guide on writing an effective Instagram caption

How to create the perfect Instagram caption

It’s absolutely critical to take advantage of social media today if you’re going to have any real measure of success in business – but that doesn’t mean that the majority of businesses, marketers, or entrepreneurs have any clue of what they are doing when it comes time to figure out how to create and Instagram caption that converts!

In fact, the opposite is usually true – most people have breaking down specific Instagram filters to a perfect science, they know hot to find the perfect Instagram hashtags, but have next to no idea how to create effective Instagram captions that transform followers into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into brand ambassadors.

A good caption is even more important now that Instagram has announced their algorithm implementation. Posts with high engagement will be prioritized, so that means that likes AND comments will be integral to you coming up in the feed.

Check out this quick guide below and you won’t be one of those people!!!

Remember the value of an Instagram caption

Think of Instagram captions as a headline on an advertisement.

Just as you wouldn’t use your headline to do the bulk of your selling for you – but instead use the help line headline to capture attention and get them to read the rest of your ad – you’ll want to learn how to create in Instagram caption that converts ambivalence into attention and does so in record time.

What length should my caption be

A lot of websites will tell you it should be short. But this is not always the truth. Just look at the example above. It has a write up longer than 1-2 sentences and has over 600 likes.  The internet likes things short since people have short attention spans, but if you have an engaged audience that is willing to read a long write up, then  you’re totally ok. As long as your people are engaged, you’re good to go. If you’re not getting engagement, you may want to start experimenting with the length of your posts. Insert a Call to Action

Calls to Action are ridiculously important. There are tons of studies that show that including an effective call to action can increase your ROI. Ask your community to visit your site, tag a friend, or answer a question. All these will get them to participate with your brand, not just be passive spectators.

When you include your call to action test out placing it in the beginning and end of your caption. Measure results and see what works better.

PRO TIP – if your CTA is asking for a website link, include your at handle @username. This way they won’t have to scroll all the way up to get to your profile where the only clickable link lives.

PRO TIP 2 – Use emojis to draw the eye to your call to action. These are great visual tools. 

Ask a question of your audience

Friday night poll. We want to know what Cognac you’re sipping on this gorgeous evening. Let us know in the comments area below

A photo posted by Become A Cognac Maniac (@cognacmaniacs) on

One of the best ways to dramatically improve the amount of conversion that you’re getting on Instagram is to learn how to create effective Instagram captions that ask questions of your target market.

Not only will this provide you with the chance to get instant feedback from your market, but it will also increase the affinity and engagement that you have with your prospects. It’s a great way to build relationships in the online world today. While the example above only had a little over 100 likes, it is worth noting that this was one of their first posts, and that the post got 91 comments. That’s strong engagement.

Take advantage of multi-step (and multimedia) campaigns with your captions

A really savvy way to leverage everything that Instagram has to offer from a marketing standpoint is to use it as the “entry point” of a sales funnel.

Figure out how to create in Instagram caption that converts ambivalence into attention, but then use that caption to send them deeper into your sales funnel – perhaps even on another social media platform that leads them deeper still into that same funnel.

Multi-step marketing is the ultimate way to convert customers these days.

Don’t forget about hashtags!


Of course, you’re going to utilize hashtags to take advantage of “trending” topics, but most importantly….targeted topics so you can attract the right audience towards your image, and then to your caption.

We’ve made it easy for you to learn how to use hastags, click here for the in depth guide. Stay away from crappy hashtags such as #LFL odr #Follow4Follow. These will not get you targeted followers, merely people that won’t convert (conversions should always be your goal).

Instead aim for industry specific hashtags that are popular but not too popular (should have been used between 100k-500k). Why? Take the hashtag #Paris, it has been used 49 million times. If you post an image with that hashtag, how long do you think it will stay on top of the feed. Compare this to say #montmartre which has around 600k uses. You have a much better chance of staying in the feed and of coming up on top posts.

Social media platforms are, after all, social ecosystems – and hashtags allow you to more effortlessly tap into your market.

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