Tricks to drive traffic to your website using Instagram

How To Drive Website Traffic Via Instagram

With countless social media platforms making their debut (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and the new defunct Google+ and YikYak)  few have managed to hold onto the public’s imagination for any amount of time.  Instagram has managed to become a juggernaut in the field, constantly adapting to meet the needs (and desires) of its audience, even after it was purchased by Facebook and monetization was put into place.  With that in mind, let us take a moment to examine Instagram.  In particular, we will look at how to drive website traffic via Instagram for your business.

How To Drive Website Traffic Via Instagram

Why Instagram Is The Perfect Platform For Your Business

When utilized to its fullest, Instagram is the best platform for your business.  A combination of social networking, video sharing, and photo-sharing platform, Instagram manages to do what it does extremely well.  Perfect for sharing rich, creative content, Instagram is very good at generating traffic and greatly increasing brand awareness. Heck, it gets 60 times more engagement than its parent company Facebook. Kinda HUGE right? It also lets you directly engage your audience, so unlike Facebook…you can get out there and start conversations with your target audience (and the target audience for your competitors). Now you’re asking “what are some techniques to increase my Instagram website traffic? ” Let’s find out.

Put an Emphasis on Your Account Profile

A trick on how to get website traffic using Instagram

Understanding how Instagram works is the first place you want to start if you are interested in driving traffic from Instagram to your website.  In particular, pay special attention to the username and bio.  Your username will be the only searchable field.  If people want to find you, then they can only use information in your username when doing a search.  With that in mind, make sure your username reflects you, your brand, and your message as best as it can.

Along with the username, the bio can provide an additional service.  Along with providing information for people to know who and what you are about, the bio serves as the only space for links on Instagram.  Having the link clearly visible and easily accessible is crucial for driving Instagram website traffic.  Also, consider using a watermark to get the URL in front of the viewer.  In this manner, you will not have to rely entirely on the bio and can instead have a constant reminder for people if they are interested.   More often than not, it takes some playing around to see what works and what does not work when it comes to username and bio.

Since Instagram does not allow you to add links to posts, we recommend that whenever you post a new update to Instagram, you change the link on your profile to something that is related to that post. Add a call to action on the post for your followers to go to your profile to get to the content you are promoting on the post as seen on the example above. This is a great way to get people to click over to your site.

Never Forget What Instagram Excels At

Instagram excels at providing rich and interesting content.  If you provide engaging material that people will enjoy, they will come back for more.  More often than not, providing variations on how-to videos can bring people in and keep them engaged.  Videos, lives, and IGTV in general to an excellent job keeping people’s attention.  In addition, they provide another avenue for including your e-mail address to help with Instagram website traffic.

Consider finding new ways of providing unique content.  Vary up how you display things, the kind of information you use, and the overall presentation.  Experiment a little with the content you include and you may help to bring in people who would ordinarily miss your Instagram account.

Use Hyper Targeted Hashtags

It is better to do research to pick hyper targeted hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags can be incredibly useful for driving people to your site.  However, they can also be utilized incorrectly, turning people off.  A general rule of thumb is that you should never use more than five hashtags when posting something.  It is said using too many makes you look desperate and makes other people feel used for clicking through.  I totally disagree. Keep your hashtags in the comments area and use as many as possible. Hashtags are Instagram SEO…they get you found. So while a teenage audience may think these “uncool” what’s even less cool is if your targeted audience can’t find you. When you select your hashtags, think of the hashtags that YOUR audience will explore that would lead them to you. Using hashtags such as #likesforlikes is unlikely to help you reach your target audience and even more unlikely to increase clicks to your website.

Click here for our tips on crafting the perfect Instagram hashtags so you can build an audience you can monetize.

The Final Word on Driving Website Traffic Via Instagram

Improving your social media profile is crucial if you want to get your brand name out there.  When it comes to Instagram, you have a tailor-made platform that can greatly improve your visibility if you know how.  Instagram website traffic can lead to significantly more hits on your website, guaranteeing that you are reaching as many people as possible.