Editing images on your iphone

How to Edit Images on iPhone for Instagram

I decided to get serious about Instagram in June of 2015. I am starting this blog post March 2016 (8 months later). During this time I went from 900 followers to over 7,000. Not as high as I wanted to go, but my follower base is targeted and engaged. I am currently getting anywhere from 200 to 500+ likes on my images. My comment rate is quite healthy too.

While nice pictures make a difference, they are not the only thing that got me to this place, but this is where you need to start. So today, we’ll discuss how to edit images on your iPhone (sorry Android users – I’m an iOS kinda gal), and I’ll be updating weekly with themes like food, fashion, etc to help those of you in those fields.

If you have questions on these techniques, just ask. I’m more than happy to help you out.

How to Edit Images on iPhone for Instagram


1. Download these apps:

– Afterlight
– PopAGraph
– WordSwag
– Facetune

2. On Afterlight

– Choose your image
– Crop your image (keep rule of 3rds in mind)
– Clarify to pop your image
– Adjust contrast
– Click Done
– Save

3. PopAGraphPro

– Open & select your image
– Skip cropping by selecting “original”, click “use”
– Mask the area you want to “pop”
– Click filters
– Select the filters you want to use for your “popped” area and your background.
– Share & Save to library

4. WordSwag

– Open & select your image
– Select “Don’t Crop”
– Double tap text
– Add your brand’s name and change the style to fit your mood
– Click “Done”

Once you’re done with all these, you can go ahead and post to Instagram