A tutorial on how to find social media influencers

5 Tips on Finding REAL Social Media Influencers

If you have been at the social media game for any amount of time, the odds are pretty good that you’ve come across the term “social media influencers”.

These people are the “cool kids” of social media – at least in your market or your target audience, anyway – and they have a lot of leverage to offer smart and savvy marketers that know how to unlock and unleash all of the influence that they have over that particular niche.

If you’re looking to take advantage of everything that these influencers have to offer, you’re first going to need to figure out how to go about finding social media influencers for your specific target audience – and then you need to create campaigns that are mutually beneficial so that they are inclined to help you piggyback off of any persuasion that they are able to bring to the table.

Finding social media influencers is easier than you think

Look, there’s no way of getting around it:

Social media is a big place.

A billion people or more login to Facebook every single day, and hundreds and hundreds of millions jump on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Interest, and so many others on a routine basis as well.

Trying to learn how to tell if someone is a social media influencer or not can be a real nightmare when you’re looking for a needle in a haystack this big!

Thankfully though, there are specific things you can do to dramatically narrow down your search and make this process almost effortless.

Here are 5 tips on finding social media influencers

1. Look for the right people:

For starters, you need to realize that you probably aren’t looking for “global” social media influencers – you’re looking for “niche” social media influencers that have influence over the small segment of the population that you want to market to.

If you are looking to sell baseball memorabilia, for example, you don’t need to take advantage of the social media influence that someone like Kanye West has been able to build. You’d be much better off connecting with a retired ballplayer – they have the kind of influence you’re after.

2. Make sure they’re real influencers:

You want to pay close attention to their follower numbers, but you also want to pay attention to the kind of engagement that they have with their market.

For example, someone with 5 million followers is usually going to be seen as an amazing social media influencer – but not if they simply spam their account with all kinds of marketing messages that have no real connection to the people that are following them.

You can also get those “influencers” who just purchased fans on fiverr. These will do nothing for your campaign (check out this piece to learn how to tell if someone bought their followers). If you want to do a quick check, look at their last few posts. Are they getting likes & relevant comments? If they aren’t, then they aren’t real influencers.

If you focus on these details, you shouldn’t have any real trouble whatsoever finding social media influencers that can really help you build your business or your social media profile in record time!

3. Use SmartID 


It’s much easier to reach out to influencers who are already engaging your brand. With SmartID, you can click on say an old Facebook post and it lets you know who the most influential people to engage it were. It also tells you what they are influential in AND gives you their Social Media handles so you can reach out to them. How cool is that!

And don’t forget…once you’ve run your campaign, it’s super important that you measure your results. You can learn how to here. 

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a tool that provides insights into the most popular content online and the influencers sharing it. You can use BuzzSumo to differentiate between influencers with just a high number of followers, and influencers who have a high number of shares and engagement which is a more accurate measure of real influence.

5. Finding Influencers on various social media platforms

Since every social media platform has a different format and structure, the method for finding the appropriate influencers varies.

Twitter – When looking for Influencers on Twitter, pay attention to the number of retweets a prospective Influencer gets, as well as the amount of questions are asked. Also check the Tweets & Replies tab to gauge the level of interaction with others.

Facebook – When looking for Influencers on Facebook, consider the level of engagement as a more realistic measure of influence rather than the number of fans. On Facebook, the more people engage with a post, the more times it will be displayed.

LinkedIn – When looking for Influencers on LinkedIn, search for authors of articles, and then check out the comments on the articles to see who has an influence.

Google+ – When looking for Influencers on Google+, look for the total number of views an update has received, and the number of comments. Influencers of Google+ are important because of this platform’s influence on search engines.

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