A guide to getting verified on Snapchat

How to Get a Verified SnapChat Account

If you’re interested in getting more from the time that you spend using your SnapChat account, you’ll benefit from this comprehensive guide. Today, we’re going to walk you through the process of how to get a verified SnapChat account.

Before we begin explaining this simple process and how to do it, let’s talk about the specific advantages of getting your SnapChat account verified…

Benefits of Getting Verified

If you want to boost your cachet at SnapChat and build a personal or company brand, verification may be right up your alley. This type of verification acts as a powerful marketing tool. In terms of what it does for an account, it’s quite similar to verified status at Twitter.

When an account is verified, it shows SnapChat users that the account is something special. For example, a celebrity, such as reality TV star, Kylie Jenner, has a verified SnapChat account, which proves that she’s the one who’s actually running the account.

Since fake accounts abound online, verification is one failsafe way to prove to others that your account is the real thing. However, at present, the “official stories” which are verified via emoji icons (these emojis are chosen by accountholders according to their own preferences) are typically celebrity accounts.

So, when it comes to learning how to verify a SnapChat account, being an online superstar definitely will facilitate the process. If you’ve asked yourself, “Is it possible to verify a SnapChat account?” the answer to this question is absolutely, “yes”! However, celebrities definitely have the easiest time getting verified. Online platforms cater to stars!

At this time, the company (SnapChat) is moving slowly in terms of verifying. They are rolling things out gently, rather than verifying a ton of accounts at one time. If you think that you have VIP status on the site, we recommend reaching out to SnapChat representatives and inquiring about your chances of getting your account verified. If your presence on the platform is popular enough, you may just get lucky.

You’ll Need to Prove Your Identity

If they do agree to verify your account, you’ll probably have to provide some proof that you are a particular person. In other words, before their reps verify, they’ll need to confirm your identity. If you aren’t a VIP, they may not think that it’s worth the trouble of verifying your account.

However, in the future, SnapChat staff may be less selective in terms of which accounts they agree to verify. So, there is hope, even if you’re turned down the first time that you ask. You should be able to connect with SnapChat staff by visiting the Contact Us web page of the official SnapChat website.

To boost your chances of getting verified, we recommend building the largest possible following on the platform. This will take work, but the more friends and followers you have, the greater your chances of building the sort of personal or corporate brand which qualifies for this new verification process.

Learn More about SnapChat

If you’re curious about how to build a more impressive profile at SnapChat, we recommend that you visit the official SnapChat website today. When you do, you’ll learn exactly how this popular social media platform works, as well as how to market with it. In addition, you’ll find that tons of bloggers, such as successful entrepreneurs, have written and published blog posts which show interested parties how to leverage the platform into amazing online business success.

No matter what you’re selling or promoting, you’ll find that getting verified on SnapChat is extremely helpful. If you’re an elite user of the service, the process of getting verified shouldn’t be too complicated. If you’re still building an online presence on the service, you may need to do a little work in terms of gathering a following and becoming well-known before you are able to convince SnapChat representatives to verify you.

It’s quite probably that more and more verified accounts from non-celebrity users will appear in the future. The first verified accounts are definitely VIP accounts, but things may open up in the future. So, you should keep your eye on things and stay in the SnapChat loop. At some point, you may qualify for this type of account and you may use it in order to build your online business.