10 Tips PLUS 10 Easy Steps to Get Instagram Followers

I LOVE INSTAGRAM! It is a great way to reach influencers and customers to make them into brand advocates AS WELL AS build your brand. Today I’m going to show you how to get Instagram Followers using the Socialdraft dashboard. It’s incredibly simple and easy to replicate. Using this technique, you can get between 100-500 likes per post and 100 new followers. If you combine this with other techniques and maybe a bit of paid reach from Instagram, you can really reach those high-end numbers.



Now that you’ve gotten started on growing your audience on the fastest growing platform with a huge engagement rate that far surpasses Facebook and Twitter. It is time for you to ramp things up…seriously ramp things up.  We’ll show you some tips on getting more Instagram followers and how to encourage them to leave Likes and Comments. Then, when you are done with this article, click over to our tried and true technique – with this technique, you can ramp up the results you get from these tips.

Instagram Tips To Land More Followers

1) As with other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, leaving Comments and “Likes” on photos from other Instagram accounts is one of the simplest ways to get followers of your own. This goes with our technique above.

2) Use hashtags in your image captions. This groups the photo with other photos of similar themes. Try not to use no more than three hashtags.

3) Leave superior images. Click the LUX button to enhance your images. This is especially useful with underexposed pictures. The feature is best on landscapes, but it is worth trying on other sorts of images as well. It’s also worth noting that lighter photos get more “Likes” than darker photos, as do images with faces.

4) Yes, people do check profiles, so make sure your bio is up-to-date. Plus, bio sections are the perfect place to leave a link back to your webpage or blog.

5) Update! Update! Update! Post often. And this applies to all of your social media accounts. The fresher and more frequently you post new material, the higher your engagement rate will be. When you update frequently, it’s like leaving on an inviting night light.

6) Engage with your followers on a regular basis by liking photos, and making astute and/or lighthearted comments. People love it when you shine a light on their posts, which they often take great care in creating. You can also spend some valuable time finding hopeful new prospects to follow.

7) Use Socialdraft. Socialdraft is the ultimate Instagram tool. With Socialdraft you can do tons of things to save you time and grow your Instagram account. Here are a few of the things our dashboard does:

***Instagram Photo Search. Let our Instagram photo search help you find the people who are talking about your brand so you can engage them, amplify their content, and build brand advocates. You can also monitor your competition and their fans to try and convert them.

***Schedule Re-Posts to Instagram. Yup. When you’re doing that Instagram photo seach, if you see something you love, you can click the share button. This will open a window with a post already prepped for you. The post will contain the image, the write-up, and credit to the content creator. This tool is incredibly strong for regram campaigns PLUS you can share not just to Instagram, but to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn AND Pinterest

***Schedule Posts to Instagram. With Socialdraft, you can schedule Instagram posts to multiple accounts and have multiple people schedule them. That’s powerful.

8) Remember to share your Instagram account with your email subscribers, as well as on your other social media accounts and profiles.

9) By following your Facebook friends on Instagram, you’re sure to earn a few quick and easy return followers.

10) Hold an Instagram contest. Contests require a lot of planning so be sure to do some specific research on Instagram contests. For example, the prize you will be offering may be the deciding element in attracting participants and should dovetail with your strategy for marketing your unique brand.

If you’re curious about how Socialdraft can help you with your Instagram management, take us for a spin. We offer a risk-free trial! Besides, Socialdraft is more than an Instagram tool, Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media tool to help you manage multiple Facebook business pages, LinkedIn Business pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest Boards, and…of course…Instagram.