How to encourage click throughs on Pinterest pins

10 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Pinterest Pins

With every industry growing more and more crowded with competition, it is vital for business owners to cope with the latest trends in order to make the most sales and profits. Gone are the days when a marketing strategy involved nothing more than handing flyers and free samples – today, it’s all about digital marketing.

A good digital marketing strategy should put several online resources to use, especially if you want to make the most of your online marketing efforts. These days, social media websites are the most common tool of the trade for digital marketers because they offer a wide user base and relatively affordable (often free) features and functions unavailable through other marketing options. Among the most effective social media sites used for digital marketing is Pinterest. Pinterest is particularly good for services and products serving women since 85% of Pinterest users are women. On top of that, 5% of Pinterest users have purchased something on the platform or because of the platform. Those are some pretty staggering numbers, especially if you have an online shop.

I bet you’re wondering how you can get more clicks on your Pinterest pins so that you can make more money. Read on and follow these tips for getting more clicks on Pinterest, and if you want a fuller view into Pinterest marketing, click here to check out our complete guide.

10 Pinterest Tips to Increase your CTR and Get More Sales

1) Use Appealing Images:


Who wants to see a board full of poorly selected images? One of the things that makes Pinterest an effective social networking site is that majority of the content published on the platform is made up of appealing images and photos. Many Pinterest users expect to see visual stimulating and pleasing posts, so you need to make sure that the images you choose for your posts are worth taking a look at. This means that the image provided by the site you’re pinning from may not be the best image for your pin. You can source images on the internet through free image hosting websites or better yet, take photos of your own. You can also use services such as Canva to edit your images. Just remember to edit the link once you’ve pinned your custom pin to Pinterest.

2) Consider Your Landing Page:

Landing pages are called such because this is where your prospects will “land” or arrive if and when they choose to click on your advertisements. That said, you should make sure that the purchase process started by your Pinterest post actually goes further by optimizing your landing page to urge prospects into availing of products or services. Your landing page should offer more information about who you are and why your products or services are necessary and superior to others offered in the market. Basically, you can have the most effective pin on the planet, but if your landing page is not properly set up, there will be no sale.

3) Select the Correct Keywords:

Pinterest allows users to make use of a large number of keywords (150 to be exact) but that doesn’t necessarily mean that more is better. When it comes to selecting the keywords for your post, it’s vital that you choose the ones with high relevance to your consumers. How exactly will you be able to pinpoint those keywords? The first step to understanding what words to use lies in knowing who you’re trying to appeal to. By finding out who your target market is, you will be in a better position to understand what they’re likely to search for. Some markets will respond better to a simple description, others will have to be wooed into clicking.

4) Vertical Pins:

Taller pins perform better on Pinterest

Pinterest has designed its layout to favor mobile viewing, and that translates into vertical scrolling. As a result, thin and long images are more suited in this layout (around 735 x 1000 px). Just look at the example above. The Pineapple Mojito Sangria pin takes up the entire length of the computer screen. This means that people will be more likely to click through and that the images frame the title as well. This change alone will significantly increase click-thru to your website.

5) Use Longer Pin Descriptions:

Using longer, more detailed descriptions under the pin will not only increase your chances of your pin being shared by others, it has a better chance of showing up in search results.

6) Use Rich Pins:

One of the latest additions to Pinterest is the introduction of Rich Pins which include more information about pinned images and the integration of the Pin It button with mobile apps. Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information on the Pin itself. There are 6 types of rich pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. From your feed, you can tell when a pin has more information by the icon that appears below the picture. Pinterest will also update all of your old pins so they’re more useful.

7) Use The Official Pin It Button:

People are more inclined to pin images from your blog using the official Pin It Button which will increase the likelihood of your Pins appearing in search results.

8) Double Check All Links:

Be sure to check that your Pins link back to your intended image or video or the Pins links will be bumped.

9) Limit Hashtags:

The excessive use of too many hashtags included in your descriptions will dilute your ranking. Just keep in mind that each time someone is on your pin, if you have too many hashtags, you are giving them more chances to leave your pin and NOT click through. On Pinterest, hashtags have the complete opposite effect than they do on Instagram.

10) How to Schedule Pins to Boards on Pinterest:

One thing that is key to a Pinterest strategy is to be active on a consistent basis. Of course, you could log onto Pinterest daily to pin and pin haphazardly, but this will not allow you to properly plan. On top of that, there will be emergencies like when you get sick. One big piece of advice is to stop flying by the seat of your pants, start planning and scheduling. With Socialdraft you can schedule not just to multiple Pinterest boards, but to Facebook pages, Instagram, LinkedIn Business pages, and Twitter accounts. This means that you can save tons of time just by logging into the dashboard.

Use a Robust Social Media Management Tool

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