How to grow a Pinterest audience that converts

How to Grow a Robust Pinterest Account

With 100 million active users on Pinterest (and millions more signing up every month), it would be absolutely insane for you to conduct any serious marketing online – especially social media focused marketing – without growing a robust Pinterest account that could help you boost your business and your bottom line.

How to Grow a Robust Pinterest Account

Pinterest, like most other social media platforms, provide you with the unique opportunity to laser target your marketing messages while at the same time creating “native campaigns” – marketing campaigns that do not look like marketing campaigns, with the ability to slide underneath the sales radar that most savvy customers have these days.

Pinterest has global appeal, with the percentage of Pinterest users outside the U.S. being 45 percent, and Pinterest growth from those users in 2014 is 135 percent. Pinterest users are also heavily slanted toward females, with over 35 million female users, compared to only 6 million male users. However, the growth in male monthly Pinterest users in 2015 was 120 percent.


Pinterest is dominated by women in their 30s with young families. One thing that makes Pinterest a powerhouse is that consumers go straight from Pinterest to vendor websites. And according to eMarketer, Pinterest sends people to online vendors more than any social channel other than Facebook.

Pinterest Success Stories

Kraft joined Pinterest in 2012 and says Pinterest has transformed the way Kraft thinks about its content marketing. “Pinterest has become a powerful tool for us to garner real-time insights, mine data and influence content creation, curation and amplification,” said Jennifer Feeley, associate director of digital strategy and channel activation.

Reeses' branding on Pinterest is subtle but effective

The REESE’S brand used a combination of Cinematic Pins and Promoted Pins to impact purchases, brand favorability, and familiarity. “We chose Pinterest as our next marketing platform because it let us hone in on our millennial audience during key decision-making moments, especially when they are planning menus or activities during the football season,” said Connie Kwok, Manager, U.S. Brands Digital. If you dig down deep into their strategy, note that the branding on these pins is quite clever. Bold, easy to read lettering that uses the color of Reese’s brand. The brand also took advantage of Pinterest’s gender audience being female. These pins are recipes, perfect for the average Pinterest user.

Walgreens built a collection of Pinterest boards promoting the exploration of their brand, from tutorials on eyeshadow application and makeup brushes to DIY projects during the holidays. They Pin popular products from their site, share content created by bloggers and add popular, relevant Pins from Pinterest. Since launching Promoted Pins, they’ve more than tripled their average referral traffic back to

“Getting the opportunity to be part of the Promoted Pins beta was a great learning experience,” said Shanti DeLand, Manager of Social, Mobile & Content Marketing. “We were able to play with a new type of content on this platform while optimizing against new audience and category segmentation on the paid side. We learned a lot about who the Pinterest consumer is in a short time frame.

To put it bluntly, you need to learn how to grow a Pinterest account ASAP.

Even though you may be a little bit late to the game when it comes to building your Pinterest platform, there are quite a few things you can do to help you unlock all the secrets to figuring out how to grow your Pinterest following.

We are going to share with you some inside information below that will boost your results dramatically.

Shall we dive right in?

Consistent “pinning” is the secret to growing a brand on This Platform


The easiest (and the fastest) way to figure out how to grow a Pinterest account is to create a consistent uploading schedule that you stick to religiously (and thankfully for you-you can do this on Socialdraft while you schedule posts for tons of other social networks).

Pinning – the act of uploading new pieces of content to the Pinterest platform and allowing others to share this content virally – needs to be done on a routine basis, and it needs to be done multiple times a day for you to have any impact whatsoever.

Of course, you’re going to need to make sure that the content that you do end up uploading to Pinterest is valuable, interesting, and as shareable as can be. Shareable is a big piece of the puzzle, and honestly where a lot of people really drop the ball.

Bite-sized bits of content that lead to deeper marketing funnels are always going to be more advantageous than big “chunks” of content that you upload to Pinterest that will never be devoured, let alone shared. This is an instance where KISS really makes a difference.

Use “Pin This!” on your buttons website or blog

Another thing you’re going to want to keep in mind when it’s time to figure out how to grow a Pinterest following is to include buttons that give visitors to your site or your blog the opportunity to pin your content and share it on the platform.

This allows you to keep your visitors in your “bubble” – the online space that you are in complete and total control over, and the online space that gives you the opportunity to market to these individuals without interference from your competitors.

On top of that, you’ll be turning each and every one of your visitors into “invisible salespeople”. When they share your content using these buttons, they are going to be distributing all of these uploads to the 70,000,000+ individuals on the Pinterest platform.

Talk about leverage!

Take advantage of rich images and multimedia

Since Pinterest is such a visually focused website, you need to make sure that all of your content is going to dovetail nicely with the people on Pinterest and their expectations.

You need to include as many rich images in your uploads as possible, and it’s even better if you’re able to include quick GIFs will then allow you to get your message across as well. This might take you and your production team a little bit more time and a little bit more effort, but it’s always going to pay off.

Make sure that you keep your prospects in the loop

You have absolutely have to make sure that you do absolutely everything you can to attract people with your Pinterest marketing efforts, but you also have to make sure that you do absolutely everything you can to get them into your marketing and sales funnels ASAP.

After all, you aren’t spending time figuring out how to grow a Pinterest account or a Pinterest following just to brag about it. You’re doing this to improve your business and your bottom line results, and that will only be possible if you transform these prospects into paying customers as efficiently as you can.

Finally, Engage

The easiest way for you to get noticed by your audience is to go to them. Check out their pins, leave meaningful comments. Once you say hello, it will be difficult for them to ignore you. They will most likely be a little curious about who you are and why you left a comment…and head over to your profile. This increases the chances that you are followed. So go ahead, get over that stage fright and go make some friends.