Pinterest is great not just for selling, but for building brand recognition across multiple social networks

How to Grow Your Other Social Networks Using Pinterest

Pinterest has enjoyed explosive growth, and has quickly established itself as one of the biggest, most popular, and truly dominant forces as far as social media marketing is concerned (just check out these facts and figures and you’ll really understand why Pinterest is so important).

An almost entirely visual medium, absolutely everything about Pinterest has been potential to help small businesses (and large businesses) create the kind of marketing platforms that they never would have had access to previously.

Of course, you have to be smart and savvy about using Pinterest for business marketing. The people that use this platform aren’t exactly all that excited about being “marketed to”, and unless your content is as invisible as possible – in that you hide your sales and marketing messages in native content – you’re never going to have the kind of success on this platform that you’re hoping for. On Pinterest you sell by “not selling”.

Hopefully with this quick guide we are going to be able to show you exactly why you want to use Pinterest for business and how to use Pinterest to grow your other social media networks.

Let’s dive right in!

First, Ask Yourself “Is Pinterest is right for my business and brand?”

Why use Pinterest for business?

Great question!

Because Pinterest currently has close to 100 million users on the platform right now (with millions more signing up every month), you’re going to be able to push a ton of targeted traffic to your online sites, your online properties, and even your other social media networks to give you the kind of combined leverage you need to make a dent in the world of online business.

Make no mistake about it. We live in the middle of the most competitive business environment in human history. Unless you are able to rise above the noise, the confusion, and the clutter, you’re never going to be able to build the kind of business or financial future that you’ve always dreamed of.

But when you tap into everything that Pinterest has to offer, and really start using Pinterest for business marketing, everything changes!

How Can Pinterest Benefit My Business

As mentioned above, the biggest benefit of using Pinterest is that you’ll be able to gain immediate access to close to 100 million users (85% of them being women, and close to 60% of them purchasing things that they’ve seen on Pinterest).

We are talking about a HUGE amount of people. If you are selling anything, this is where you can find your customers, especially if your product is geared towards women.

There may not be an easier way to get your marketing and advertising out in front of this many women that are ready, willing, and excited to purchase products and do a little bit of online shopping.

Combine that with the social proof and influence that popular Pinterest “boards” provide, and you’re going to be able to skyrocket your online success with only a little bit of extra effort on Pinterest.

On top of this, Pinterest drives tons of website traffic…and for a very long time. So if you are looking to drive traffic to your website, Pinterest is the social network to do it.

Maximize the impact of all your Pinterest content


But if you are going to be using Pinterest for business marketing, you need to use it intelligently.

Many people out there simply post on Pinterest hoping for the best but never really giving any thought or consideration to the content that they are putting up. Then they are surprised that they aren’t having any real results!

Of course, you aren’t going to take that approach, are you?

No, you’re going to put valuable content on Pinterest – content that you know your target market is already interested in because you looked at they are favorite Pinterest boards to get an idea of what they are into in the first place – and you are going to maximize each and every one of your posts and your marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the power of your pins:

  • Color: Studies have shown that images with multiple dominant colors get more repins. More then twice than images that just have one dominant color. When you experiment, begin by testing out two colors, then three and figure out the sweet spot for your clients.
  • Use Optimized Sizes: Small images get lost in Pinterest. Make your images BIG. Start off with  736 pixels wide.  Also, remember that taller, vertical images get repinned more than horizontal images.
  • Keep things “Objective”: Studies also show that things (not people) get reppined 23% more. So this is a perfect platform for you to showcase products.
  • Include a Call to Action: Make sure to include a call-to-action (click for more details, click to learn more, repin this recipe) right in your pin description. Posts that include a call to action have 80% increase in engagement than pins without.
  • Check your Pin Links: As seen in the video above, you can edit the links to your pins, so take a few seconds to think about where you want to drive traffic to on each pin and edit the pin to redirect to this location.

Stick to a Pinterest schedule


At the same time, you need to be sure that you are using Pinterest for business marketing on a regular and consistent basis.

Create a Pinterest posting schedule for your business and then stick to that posting schedule religiously. Maybe you are going to post new content to Pinterest every Monday at 9 AM local time, and maybe you are going to post new content to Pinterest every day of the week at 5 PM.

It really doesn’t matter WHAT you’re posting schedule is as long as you stick to one that your followers are going to be able to rely on.

If you are not present on Pinterest, your competition is. This is a network where you need to be constantly present pushing out content and engaging your community.

Leverage Pinterest to grow all of your other social media accounts


Finally, you need to make sure that you are leveraging interest to grow all of your other social media accounts. Connect all of your social media accounts to one another, crosspost content on each platform, and really tried to create multi step marketing campaigns with all of your social media accounts and you’ll see your success shoot through the roof.

By using Pinterest as a bridge or hub to your other social media platforms, you will increase views and traffic on them all. There are some key advantages in using Pinterest to grow your other social media networks. Pins on Pinterest benefit greatly from Google because pins are indexed quicker on Google compared to other platforms. Additionally, over time re-pins from Pinterest can have a tremendous effect on increasing traffic to your other social media platforms.

So for example, if you post content on Facebook such as a video, and then include a pin on a Pinterest board related to the Facebook video like a screenshot, or even multiple screenshot images on one board, along with a link back to the Facebook video, when this is indexed on Google’s search engine, you will get increased Facebook traffic from Pinterest. The same process can be applied to drive traffic to any social media platform of your choice via Pinterest.

Another way you can increase traffic to Facebook, YouTube and other platforms is to link back to your Pinterest account from your other various platforms. In this example, let’s assume you linked back to Pinterest from a Facebook video you created, then from Pinterest a visitor visits your Facebook page, Pinterest served once again as a hub to your other platforms. Don’t forget, on Pinterest you can use text within an image as well as outside an image.

And remember to use a tool like Socialdraft SmartID. It tells you what influencers are already engaging your content on other networks like Facebook and Twitter. Take a few seconds to check them out. Socialdraft will give you their Pinterest link so you can cross engage them on that network. You will find this tool to be incredibly useful.

Why use Pinterest for business results?

Because it flat out works!