How to Manage Needy Social Media Clients

If you are just starting your social media firm, you’re going to run into many issues. That is how you learn. We’ve been there. Today, we’re going to teach you how to deal with those really needy clients, the clients that SMS you on Sunday nights at 9 pm when you’re about to pour yourself a glass of wine after a crazy week, the ones who demand that you change your social media content the day before it was due to go out (even though they already approved the calendar a week before). This will save you from those clients who friended you on Facebook (word of advice – don’t friend your clients) with all their great ideas that they want to be implemented tomorrow.

How to Manage Needy Social Media Clients

Draft Strong Contracts

Contracts protect you as well as your clients. In order to prevent the crazy scenarios above from happening, you can begin with entering this information into your contracts in your scope of work and letter of agreement. State your hours of availability, how you are to be contacted, and how requests are to be handled.


There are many great tools out there. You can use Trello to have an area where your clients can place ideas that come to them at whatever time of day or night. This is a great idea too…since they are potentially saving you time on content creation.

Content Feedback

Use a tool like Socialdraft that allows you to give your clients access to their content calendar and leave comments. The tool does not let clients re-schedule or edit in any way, so your content will remain intact and allow your clients to feel like they have a little more control.

Turn Off Your Phone

Or have a second line that’s only for work. This is easily done with Google Voice. If you don’t answer business calls after working hours, your clients will slowly but surely learn to respect your boundaries.

Set up Auto Messages

Even your phone has an “away message” setting. Set it up with a simple “Thank you for reaching out but I am unavailable right now. I will respond to messages again tomorrow during working hours. If you have an emergency, please email [email protected]”. This works wonders and trains them on how to communicate with you.

Turn Off “Read” Notifications 

This simple trick is a good way to make sure your clients don’t feel ignored or rejected.

What to Do When Clients Get Out of Line

You have a solid contract, you verbally explained how you work, but your client still DMs you on Facebook with work requests. In these cases, you need to remain professional and firm. Don’t respond back the way they messaged you. Wait until the next working day and email them back.  Simply state that as per the contract all work communications must be done via email and that working hours are M-F from 9-5.  If you stick to your boundaries, clients will learn to respect them.

Beat them at their own game

If you’re ahead of your client’s wishes, you’ll keep control in the relationship. Using a social media scheduling and management tool like Socialdraft will help you to do this. With Socialdraft you can:

-Schedule social media posts to Facebook business pages, LinkedIn business pages, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Once the content is scheduled, you can download it as a PDF to send to clients OR you can set up your clients with access to view their calendar and leave feedback for you.

-Set up multiple users with different permissions and even require that their content is approved before it is published.

-Schedule in bulk using CSV files (another great way to approve content if you don’t want them meddling in your dash).

-Generate reports to track your performance and lower client churn.

-And much more

If you are curious about Socialdraft and how it can help you manage your financial firm’s social media, take it for a risk-free trial. You’ll get to try out all the features and decide if Socialdraft is right for you.