The Untapped Marketing Potential of Tumblr

August 29, 2014


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What’s This?

Since internet users continue to spend more time with social media sites than any other type of site, social media has proved to be an excellent online tool for restaurants and small businesses to gain exposure, cultivate relationships, and communicate with their target audience. The benefits of social media have extended beyond social sharing to reputation building, increased sales, and addressing customer service needs.

Social media has become a major marketing channel for self-promotion but the social media landscape seems to be dominated by platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and to a lesser extent Pinterest and even LinkedIn.

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However, there’s a rare social media gem that combines 3 popular social networks — Facebook, Pinterest, and WordPress — into one which has almost 50 million users, and it’s called Tumblr.

As Sylvia Parker, Social Media Manager for Marketecture, points out, the tumblr audience is young, educated, and engaged, and exposure on tumblr is a way to reach a different crowd than those you’d find on Facebook or Twitter. But most of all, says Parker, it’s a fun, interactive way to engage with your fans and spread brand awareness as well as influence.


Tumblr is Underused

What sets Tumblr apart is that it’s a vastly underused social media marketing tool that can greatly benefit your company. Tumblr is a blogging, curating, and interactive site that combines all of the best aspects of pinterest, wordpress and facebook. Parker notes that those who have Tumblr blogs share content constantly, publishing 900 posts per second. Tumblr users are active, engaged, and they’re looking for things to share.

Tumblr Reblogging Function

Tumblr has a reblogging function that allows people to share the content of others while attributing credit to the content creator. No matter how far the post goes, it always redirects back to the first person who created it.

Tumblr’s Function is Predominantly Social Interaction

Tumblr is the 28th highest traffic site on the web and its purpose is a predominantly social one. Parker characterizes Tumblr as a place where you can write a blog post and have it spread to hundreds of people, just by interacting with your fans and letting them know that you care about them.

Unlike Twitter where your follower count is publicly displayed, with Tumblr you aren’t discriminated against for following too many people. Parker notes that you can earn your customers’ respect and loyalty by following them back and reblogging their content without the fear that it’ll seem like you’re just buying fans.

And since Tumblr users are in search of information and entertainment instead of a connection with family or friends, Tumblr fans are more tolerant than Facebook users, where one hapless post could cause you to lose a fan forever.

Tumblr is Inherently Visual

Parker claims images, memes, and gifs do incredibly well on Tumblr, which is inherently visual, so one good photo could spread throughout the entire site within minutes. “78% of Tumblr posts are images so you need to cater your marketing strategy to what works best on the medium. If you master the technique, then they will broadcast your brand to as many people as you could ever hope to reach.”

Tumblr’s Built-in Discovery System

Getting discovered on Tumblr is incredibly easy because they have a built-in discovery system with hashtags similar to Twitter that allow people to search for relevant information throughout the site. Tagged posts could result in a random meeting and a forever fan. “The hashtags also help curate content. They put everything together in one place, so if you sell ice cream and use the hashtag #icecream, then your brand will be put in with all the pictures and posts about people who are hungry and want a snack.”

How to Manage & Grow Your Social Media Accounts

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