A list of items that will help you measure the success of a campaign on Instagram with Influencers

How to Measure the Success of Your Instagram Influencer Campaign

An Instagram influencer campaign is a marketing strategy that entails the identification of and collaboration with an influential Instagram user in order to improve a brand’s popularity and reach a target market. Many business owners make use of Instagram influencer campaigns because of the reliability and authenticity of influential personalities which can greatly influence users when it comes to consumer related choices.

If you’re one of the many brands using Instagram to reach your target market, you’re probably wondering how to measure ROI of Instagram influencer campaign. Find out more about calculating the success of your campaign with this simple guide.

How to Measure ROI of Instagram Influencer Campaign

1. Frequency of Mentions – When you select and collaborate with an influencer, you should discuss with them how many times in a day or in a week you expect them to make a positive post about your brand. Despite the fact that you’re doing business, their Instagram account is still theirs so you can’t assume that they’ll dedicate it entirely to your products and services. Understanding your ROI starts with how many times you’re mentioned on your influencer’s feed.

2. Reception – How was your influencer’s post about you received? Did people like it? Were they interested? Did they react negatively? This will tell you whether or not you actually made conversions or simply gave yourself a bad rap.

3. Likelihood of Appearance – Of all the times your influencers posted about you, how many times did users actually saw them? If you established partnerships with multiple influencers in the same niche, expect some of their followers to be the same people. Another thing you should remember is that not everyone probably saw those posts, so don’t treat this number as fact.

4. Generated Interaction – How many likes, shares, or comments did your influencer’s post get? You will be able to tell whether a photo or video about your brand did well by comparing the average interaction generated by an influencer’s other non-business related posts to the post about your brand. If you fall within the average, you can assume that you did pretty well.

5. Gained Following – When an influencer posts about you, it states that they vet for your brand and Instagram account. This means that there should be an increase in your following. Make sure you know when your influencer’s posts will come out and measure your growth on those days as opposed to your average.

6. Sales – If you are selling a product or service, measure how many sales are made. You can set up a special hashtag for a discount, or if your influencer is willing, he/she can change the link on his/her profile to your link. This way you can measure the click throughs and actions that come from their posts.

A note on the above, Google Analytics can’t tell what traffic is mobile from Instagram, so if your influencer is using your regular link it won’t be able to tell it is coming from mobile, so we sugges that you use something like Bitly or goo.gl link so that you can properly track clicks both from mobile and desktop.

There is no perfect tactic when it comes to analytic for Instagram influencer campaign, but with these simple computations, you will be able to come up with an accurate idea of how your partnership is doing. Adjust your campaign based on your findings to maximize results and improve the outcomes of your Instagram influencer campaign.