How to create a great linkedin profile

How To Powerboost Your LinkedIn Connections

From college transcripts to social networking, everything is online.  When it comes to establishing yourself as a professional and allowing people to look up what you do for work, there is no better source than LinkedIn.  A powerhouse in the resume as well as job networking social platform, LinkedIn has continuously revolutionized how people use their platform.  Done in part to stay ahead of the competition, LinkedIn remains an excellent resource if you are looking to increase your network.  Lets take a moment to review how you can take your LinkedIn connections to the next level.  In particular, we will break these down based on the amount of attention and time they may require.

Simple Steps First:  Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete

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If there is a single rule to follow on LinkedIn, then it is to not keep information blank.  Provide everything that LinkedIn asks for.  If you are doing this from scratch, then it may take some time as well as a few looks at your last portfolio to provide everything that is required.  Along with meeting the basics for information provided, don’t stop there.  Make sure that things like your summary as well as your picture cast you in the best possible light.  While no one likes a gloater, there is plenty of room for you to market yourself without turning people off with your self-promotional pitch.  When you fill everything out and give sections the time they deserve, it reflects well on you and may lead more people to not only accept your requests but to also request you directly.

Intermediate Steps:  Be Sure To Send A Personalized Request

LinkedIn has an automated contact request message.  If you want to improve the chance of someone responding, then do not let the automated message go out alone.  When sending a request, you have an opportunity to put yourself out there, to explain what you are doing, and to make it clearly known why you want to be connected to them.  With that in mind, be sure to include the following things in your request.

First, mention who you are and how you know the other person.  Mention any places where you may have met in the past as well as any person you and your potential contact may have in common.  Finally, make sure they fully know why you want to add them as this provides them with some idea as to your motivation.

Expert Steps Last:  Contact Who You Know And Ask For Introductions

Taking LinkedIn connections to the next level, you can utilize your network to reach out to even more people.  It is advisable that you only attempt this with people that you have a very strong working relationship with.  Contacting a friend, request that they send you the information of people that they know who you might be interested in knowing.  When asking be sure to make your intent known as well as the purpose behind it.  The more your connection knows about why they are doing this, the better they will be able to help.  As a final consideration, try selling the service back to them, promising to hook them up with people in reciprocation if they do it for you.

Where Does That Leave Us?


LinkedIn connections are all about utilizing who you know to expand your professional reach beyond your current group of known associates.  In doing this, you can get a better sense of who is doing what, working with these people to expand not only your connectivity, but potentially your worth to companies as well.

And just a small reminder, you can schedule to both your personal linkedIn profile, and multiple LinkedIn business pages using Socialdraft, so keep those accounts active so that you can make yourself known as an authority.