How to run a repost campaign on Socialdraft to gain targeted followers

How to Run A Successful Repost Campaign

Instagram Regram or repost campaigns are incredibly powerful. They can help you get in the faces of new audience members, grow your brand awareness, and build a targeted following. It’s also a great way to generate content if you don’t have great photography skills or if you have a client that is not so prolific when it comes to sending you content. Today, we’ll discuss how to get started on an Instagram regram or repost initiative so that you can achieve the above goals:

How to Run A Successful Repost Campaign

First you need to understand what a regram or repost is exactly. These are Instagram terms for sharing someone else’s photo on your Instagram account. The key here is that you are not stealing the photo or using it without permission. A proper regram requires that you have the content creator’s ok to post.

This type of content campaign is incredibly powerful because it requires you to engage with your target audience which in turn helps them get more exposure to your followers, and in turn yours.

Step 1. Choose a Hashtag

You will need a hashtag so that you can properly tag those who want to be regrammed by you. We’ll be using one of our users as a case study.  Cognac Maniacs has run a very successful regram content campaign. They have been growing their account at about 1,000 targeted followers per month utilizing this technique. They chose #CognacManiacs as their hashtag.

Step 2. Promote Your Hashtag and Campaign

Once you’ve chosen a hashtag, make sure you include it in your profile with a call to action for your followers to use said hashtag for a chance to be featured. Then, cross-promote the campaign on other social media networks. Let your community on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media networks know that you’re ready to share their content if they use your hashtag.

Step 3. Get Out There And Find Content To Share


Chances are when you first get started, you won’t have too many people participating. So get out there and search. Yes, you can do the search manually on Instagram and then screencap the image and then repost it after you’ve cropped it…but this takes so much time. Instead, you can save time by using the Socialdraft dashboard to search for content that is specific to your industry. Click over to their profile and ask permission to repost their image. This can be something as simple as a simple comment on why you love the image followed by “would love to repost, mind if I do? Full credit will be given”. Once they approve, you can schedule the repost using the Socialdraft dashboard.

Step 4. Schedule your repost


From the Socialdraft dashboard, click “share”. A modal box will open and you will be able to credit the content creator, add a write-up, and of course, include your hashtag.

***Make sure to add a line telling people who see this image that they too have a chance to be featured if they use your #reposthashtag.

Step 5. Follow and Engage

Make sure you follow and engage the people involved in your regram campaign. They will become brand advocates, probably regram your regram with a thank you…and tell others about it.


PRO TIP: Always credit the content creator. This is not just polite, it’s the right thing to do.