A guide on how to sell more on Pinterest

How to SELL MORE on Pinterest

When it comes to shopping via social, Pinterest is tops. This means that if you are selling anything online (be it tees through your Shopify site, crafts on Etsy, or even books via Amazon) it would be silly of you to ignore Pinterest. Today we will discuss the basics on how to Sell more on Pinterest so that you can increase your sales by pinning on this super fun site.

How to Sell More on Pinterest


One of the greatest advantages to Pinterest is that people don’t have to leave the site to complete a purchase. This means that each pin is a way to increase your chances of a purchase. Just think of it, every person on Pinterest gets stuck there for sometimes hours at a time looking at beautiful things. This makes the chances higher that they will make an impulse buy of your product. If you’re not active on Pinterest, these chances go down for you and higher for your competition. To put it simply, Pinterest equates to impulse buys.

Marketing on Pinterest With the “Buy It” Option

If you sell items online, Pinterest buy now buttons are a great option to increase your sales

Before we get into the details of your Buyable Pinterest Pins, let’s get some hard facts on why Pinterest Marketing for Retailers means sales:

  • Pinterest users follow around 9.3 retailers on average.
  • They also spend an hour and a half+ on the site monthly.
  • These shoppers spend an average of $180 on one order (compare this to $60 to Facebook).

On top of all these great pieces of data, Pinterest made it incredibly easy to buy things directly through the network. In order to sell on Pinterest, you need to get some Buyable Pins. If you work with services like Shopify, then this has already been taken care of for you. Check the links below to sign up if you are partnered with:

If you aren’t on those sites, you can ask Pinterest to let you know when they open new ones by signing up for their wait list.

How Effective Are “Buy It” Pins

Mobile purchases are super easy on Pinterest via buyable pins

Heck yes! Pinterest reported that 90% of the people using “Buy It” pins were new customers. That’s huge. That means that Pinterest is bringing new customers to e-tailers. Shop owners have also reported that up to 30% of their sales come from Pinterest. Imagine that, a 30% increase in sales just for pinning on Pinterest.

How Do You Market Your Products On Pinterest

Let’s go throught the step by step:

1. Create Boards for Your Pinnable Images

Make sure these boards have names that are optimized for search. This will make it easier for people to find your links. Creative boards work too, but you need to be a well established brand for these, meaning that people are going to your brand and you’re not relying on search for discovery.

PRO TIP “Keep your Pin descriptions at less than 200 character. These get more re-pins.

2. Optimize Your Pins

When you are creating your boards, always think “how does my product solve a problem”. Pins that solve a problem or answer a question tend to get more repins. “How To” Boards and Pins work wonders here.

3. Schedule Your Pins


Click play on the video above to see how Pinterest scheduling works on Socialdraft.

Chances are you are marketing your brand on at least 3 social networks. This means that if you don’t use a social media scheduler, you aren’t going to be consistent and you are going to lose out on all the benefits of social. This is where a scheduler like Socialdraft comes in. Socialdraft lets you put your publishing on auto so you have time to engage, analyze and run the rest of your business.

Benefits of Scheduling Your Pins with Socialdraft:

  • Saves you Time
  • You can schedule this content to your other connected networks
  • Schedule pins far ahead in the future to multiple boards
  • Allows you to work with teams to schedule pins

4. Test & Measure

Check Pinterest and Google analytics to see what is working. If you see a particular pin is driving traffic to your website and converting people into purchases, then you need to analyze that pin so you can try to replicate this success. Look at the headline, the image, quality of the image, description, and the board it is pinned to. Begin to experiment and keep replicating the things that work.

5. Analyze chatter about your product and brand

Set up Google alerts for your shop’s name as well as your key items. When something comes in, begin to analyze how they are being spoken about. Look for the words that people use when describing your product. For example, say they use the word “gift” or “perfect gift” then you may want to begin to incorporate these terms into your Pinterest descriptions.

Promote Your Pins

Pinterest offers Promoted Pins. This means you can pay to give them a boost and get them seen by more people (and therefore increase your chances that they will make a purchase). Promoted pins are available in the US, Canada, and in the UK. There are three options you can choose on your pins; to drive awareness, engagement, and web traffic. If you are looking to drive sales, then you most likely want to run promoted pins to drive web traffic. If you have Buy It Pins turned on, then you can really work on any of the three options, since your call to action is already on your pins.


How to Manage your Pinterest Accounts

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