The advantages of using pinned tweets

5 Ways to Leverage a Pinned Tweet

Twitter is easily one of the world’s most popular social media networks, but more than that it’s one of the world’s most popular communication channels and certainly one of the most often leverage marketing opportunities available today.

5 Ways to Leverage a Pinned Tweet

Twitter understand this, which is why they have continued to make tweaks and changes to the overall platform – many of them to improve the overall experience that people have on Twitter, but no small amount designed specifically to help individuals boost their ability to market on this platform.

In 2014, Twitter rolled out a number of new changes, and the biggest of them all was the introduction of the “pinned tweet”. This gives users the opportunity to provide prime real estate to specific messages that they want their followers to get, all without having to worry about these people missing out because of the fast-paced nature of Twitter.

If you were hoping to take advantage of everything that pinned tweets have to offer, you’re going to want to first figure out how to get traffic from a pinned tweet – and then you’re going to have to figure out how to make the most of that traffic!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty on How to Use a Pinned Tweet.

1) Leverage high engagement messages when you pinned tweets

Though you certainly have the opportunity to pin pretty much anything and everything you want on Twitter, you’re only going to be able to generate a considerable amount of traffic with this approach if you choose to pin twitter messages that have high engagement rates.

If you’ve ever wondered why pinned tweets work in the first place, it’s because of these messages almost always contain interesting, exciting, or viral content – and that’s why they get pinned to begin with.

Yes, you could certainly pin any old tweet that you have up, but why waste that prime real estate when you could use this opportunity to master how to get traffic from a pinned tweet that is much more valuable?

2) Utilize a rock solid call to action with a pinned tweet

People that have really begun to understand why pinned tweets work in the first place (from a marketing perspective, anyway) almost universally agree that they work because of a rock solid call to action that actually leverages the traffic that these pinned tweets create to begin with.

Traffic generation can be an absolute nightmare, but if you are able to take advantage of everything that Twitter has provided you in the form of a pinned tweet capability to get the kind of traffic you’re after, you can’t waste that chance with a wishy-washy or limp call to action. Direct your followers, give them clear instructions and convert on that traffic.

3) Include a trackable link

With a trackable link, you can determine how effective your pinned Tweet is at conversions and visitor engagement on your website or blog.

4) Use images

Since even pinned tweets at the top of your profile can be missed by some people, why not include an image in your pinned tweet to increases the chances that your tweet stands out. Besides, research suggests that tweets with images increase retweets by at least 25 percent.

5) Pinned Tweet types

Here are several types of tweets you could consider to pin:

A) A retweet from an influencer in which you are cited

B) Old content that was popular

C) A link to a successful blog post

D) New product announcement

E) Photo from you or your company

F) One of your most effective tweets