A tutorial on using emojis properly on social media

How to Use Emojis in Social Media

Do you speak emoji? I know I do…and more and more people are using emojis not because they’re teenagers, but because they make context and feeling way more easy to understand in Social media. Before we go on to discuss how to use emojis in Social Media, we need to talk about the why. Here are a few stats to get you ? about using these little cartoons and images in your posts:

Pretty cool, right? Issue is, are you using those emojis correctly? Are you using the right one according to the context of your message? You will be after reading this guide on How to Use Emojis in Social Media.

Tips on How to Use Emojis in Social Media


Just like you don’t want to use hashtags the wrong way, you don’t want to use emojis in a way that will hurt your brand or business. For example, the eggplant ? and peach ? emojis can have…salacious connotations. If you’re going to use emojis you want to make sure your audience sees you know exactly what each means. You’re cool, you’re in the know and you speak their language.

Where can you go to find out what each emoji means? Emojipedia is a great place to start. For example, if you checked out aubergine (eggplant) you’d see that it is listed as a phallic emoji. This is a good indicator that you need to take care when using it for business.


Using an emoji or two can make your brand seem just a little less stiff. It can also add emotional context to your message and make you more easily understood.

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Don't overuse emojis

As you get better at using emojis, it is tempting to go all out with emojis. Issue with this is that you may isolate some of the audience who is not as fluent in emoji as you are. Keep things simple and understandable to be most effective. In the above example, the ? emoji emphasizes just how delicious the strawberries were. There’s no extra emoji needed. The message is clear.


Custom emojis can be used for a good cause

Not all brands have the budget to, or are successful at creating emojis. This is not the case with the WWF. They had a set of emojis created to bring awareness to endangered animals. The #EndangeredEmojis were to be used a special way. Tweeting a special emoji meant you’d be donating to the WWF.


Emojis can be used on social to increase your ROI

The best example of this is probably Domino’s pizza. Remember that awesome campaign where you could order pizza by SMSing or Tweeting them emojis. It’s fun, it’s on brand, and it’s memorable. This is genius marketing. They also use emojis in their tracker, so as you can see it’s not just for social media.


How to choose the right emojis for your social media tweets

Not all brands will be able to use emojis as freely as others. If your audience is younger, your emojis will be received much easier. If you have an older, emojis can still work – but it may be a different set that works. Make sure that you understand your audience and the emojis they use. A good example is the movie Deadpool. Their marketing included the hashtag #??l. Yup…seems childish right? It totally worked because it was silly, their brand was silly, and their audience was silly too. Was it effective? Press talked about it, but most importantly so did their fans. The movie’s Instagram account only created 200 pieces of content and at the same time their hashtag had been used more than 23K times.

A/B Test

Test your emojis. Try one message with emojis and one without. Did you get better results? Duplicate and measure. Do this over and over again until you know exactly which emojis work best and if they work at all for your brand.

Scheduling Social Media Posts with Emojis


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