Why Major Brands Are Using Instagram’s Hyperlapse App

September 19, 2014

Hyperlapse App Instagram


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What’s This?

Instagram has introduced a new app called Hyperlapse that captures high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion. Hyperlapse is Instagram’s first app and is free, but Hyperlapse is available only for iPhone and iPad. Microsoft has a similar app in development for Windows phones.

Instagram’s Hyperlapse App

Hyperlapse allows users to make videos on their smartphones that appear as though someone held down the fast-forward button. But what makes this app so exceptional is the built-in stabilization technology previously only included with expensive equipment. In fact Wired claimed it was “like a $15,000 video set-up in your hand.”

In traditional time lapse videos you get a lot of camera shake, but the stabilization technology transforms the shaky, amateur footage into an amazingly smooth video. After the app records a film, it selects frames at intervals in which time elapses faster than normal.

Once the footage has been filmed, it’s analyzed and any jolts are removed so that the finished product looks steady and more professional than the average smartphone video. You can choose your playback speed from normal to 12 times as fast. Click the “Share” button for either Facebook or Instagram.

Check out this cool video to see the incredible results for yourself.


There are more than 40,000 uses and counting of #hyperlapse on Instagram, and users include major brands, TV shows, celebrities, and more. Mercedes-Benz and Bud Light have played around with clips on their Instagram feeds.

Since its launch on 26 August, the Independent reports Hyperlapse has climbed up the App Store charts with rave reviews from users for being “technically brilliant, super simple to use” with “an amazing stabilization technique” by those who have been filming everything from rock climbing to strolling down the Champs-Elysées, recording gigs or speeded-up sunsets in Ibiza.

“It’s slick, it’s easy and it allows you to be more creative without really trying,” says Jack Simcock, the strategy director of the Shoreditch-based digital-content agency Telegraph Hill. Jack works with clients such as TGI Fridays and NBCUniversal. “Video and mobile use are becoming dominant in social media and Hyperlapse is genuine innovation in this space.”

Currently, you can’t add filters, but if you post the video on Instagram you can add Hyperlapsing with a “Kelvin” or a “Lo-Fi” effect.

“The early adopters will be the Instagram fans who love its hip, creative style, but the app works on Facebook, too, so it’s likely to grow fast once the first wave of users do things that catch people’s attention,” Jack says. “I’m looking forward to the first comedy Hyperlapses a lot. If you think about it, Benny Hill was the true pioneer of Hyperlapse.”

You don’t need an account to create a hyperlapse. Instead, you open up straight to the camera. Tap once to begin recording and tap again to stop. Choose a playback speed that you like between 1x-12x and tap the green check mark to save it to your camera roll. You can share your video on Instagram easily from there.

More Information for Hyperlapse for iPhone

How do I shoot a time lapse video?

Time lapse videos are sped up to show longer footage in a shorter period of time. For example, you can record the sun rising and use time lapse to show all of your footage in seconds.

To shoot a video with Hyperlapse:

Tap the circle at the bottom of the app. While recording, you’ll see a timer on the left that shows how long your recording is and a timer on the right that shows how long your video will be once it’s sped up.

Tap the circle again to stop recording.

Use the slider to choose a speed for your video. By default, speed will be set at 6x.

Tap the checkmark in the top right to save the video to your device’s camera roll. When you shoot a time lapse video with Hyperlapse, your footage will be instantly stabilized to give it a cinematic look.

What devices work with Hyperlapse?

Right now, you can use Hyperlapse on devices with iOS 7 and up (iPhone 4 and up, iPad and 5th generation iPod Touch).

How long can I shoot?

You can shoot a video for up to 10 minutes if you have an iPhone 4, or up to 45 minutes if you have an iPhone 5.

How do I use the different video speeds?

Hyperlapse allows you to choose different speeds. By default, videos are set to 6x. A 6x speed means that your Hyperlapse video will be 6 times faster than its original recording. For example, a 60-second video at 6x would end up being 10 seconds long after it’s sped up.

How do I share my video on Instagram?

After saving a video, tap Share on Instagram to post it to your Instagram account. Keep in mind that videos on Instagram can be up to 15 seconds long and will appear in a square format.

How do I share my video on other sites or with other people?

When you save a video with Hyperlapse, it goes to your device’s camera roll. You can share your video to other sites by uploading the video directly from your device.

Can I filter or edit my video within the app?

You can’t edit or add filters to your video within the Hyperlapse app.

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