Good hashtags on Instagram can mean more followers

How to Use Instagram Hashtags

nstagram When it comes to promoting your brand, Instagram should be an integral part of marketing your business. Because besides Instagram’s popularity with the younger millennial market, and its 500 million active users, Instagram’s unbelievably high level of engagement far surpasses that of Facebook and Twitter. How can you make sure that your time on Instagram is spent right? How can you make sure that the posts you curate and publish don’t get lost in a sea of posts? You can start off by learning how to use Instagram hashtags. They are an important factor for discovery and your posts will go nowhere without them. Let us dive deeper into the best practices for Instagram hashtags.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags

The average post on Instagram has an interaction rate of 3.21%. Sure, this is down from 4.80 in 2015, but it still beats out Facebook, Twitter, and most other social networks where the average engagement rate is 1.5%.

In order to capitalize on Instagram’s popularity and super high engagement level, business owners and social media managers should make a serious effort to nurture and grow their Instagram account. One way of establishing a powerful and influential Instagram account is with the right use of hashtags.

Hashtags on Instagram are the tools to get your content is found. Think of hashtags as Instagram SEO. Without hashtags, your brand’s marketing efforts will never be seen. Hashtags attract groups of people who browse through images and engage with others who form a colony of users with shared interests. That’s why hashtags should be original not generic.

With this in mind, you should spend a considerable amount of time exploring and creating hashtag ideas that are associated with your product and that compliment your selected images. In other words, you want to develop a collection of hashtags related to your product that constitutes a kind of narrative theme.

PRO TIP “Use hashtags that are between 5,000-500,000 uses on Instagram. Anything less than 5,000 does not give you enough reach, and anything over 500,000 will push you down the feed way too fast.

How to Find the Right Hashtags for Instagram

Use the Instagram Hashtag Directory

Hashtags for Instagram

Our team has put together an extensive list of hashtags by industry, category and holiday. Each article contains examples of how these hashtags have been used by other businesses and brands to reach a targeted audience. Check out the list and save those that are relevant to your brand or business.

How to Use Keyhole and Websta Search to Find Hashtags

Websta and Wikipedia are great places to do hashtag research

You could brainstorm hashtag ideas and write them down, or use Websta Search to generate the 50 most popular hashtags that start with a word you input.

You could also use a program like Keyhole and copy down all the hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Keyhole shows how many people posted with your hashtag, along with the number of Retweets, Likes and Impressions your campaign is generating. And Keyhole also tracks the most influential people engaging with your keywords.

Remember, Keyhole supplies you with related hashtags while Websta Search gives you popular hashtags. You should avoid the use of popular hashtags that aren’t relevant to your image. And using too many hashtags can reduce their effectiveness. Try to use around three or four at the most, and keep your hashtags outside of the write up for legibility and in the comments. So for example “likesforlikes” comes up quite often. This hashtag sucks…seriously. Sure you’ll get likes, but from people who are merely looking to grow their numbers; not targeted followers who you can convert. Stay away from those overly generic tags and use those that are relevant to your brand or business.

Use Wikipedia to Find Hashtags

You can use Wikipedia to find targeted hashtags for Instagram

You heard right. Wikipedia is a treasure trove of hashtags. Search for the subject you are tackling, and check out all the keywords on Wikipedia. Use these as your hashtags. They are super targeted and will get your exact targeted audience to find your hashtags. This is awesome social SEO. If I were taking a picture of the Statue of Liberty I would hashtag it:

#NY #NYC #NJ #StatueOfLiberty #GustaveEiffel #Eiffel #FredericAugusteBartholdi #AmericanDeclarationOfIndepenedence #EdouardReneDeLaboulaye

How Local Brands Can Use Hashtags


How local businesses can use hashtags on instagram

Local brands can use hashtags effectively on Instagram. One approach is for local brands to use geo-targeted hashtags that will allow them to be found by their local audience. This will increase the chance of converting their Instagram audience into a sale. And when a special event takes place, hyper-specific hashtags can be very effective for local brands as well. What do we mean?  Say that you’re a restaurant in a certain city that offers Jazz on Thursdays. You could use hashtags such as:

#Jazz #CityNameJazz #JazzInCityName #CityNameLiveMusic #crooner #ArtistOrBandName #RestaurantNameMusic #RestaurantNameCity #LiveMusicCity #LiveMusicCity #NeighborhoodCity

Another interesting use of hashtags on Instagram is to substitute your company hashtag on a photo with the hashtag of an entire brand, With this approach, all brands within a community profit from the added exposure to new customers.