How to Use Socialdraft Queue Extentions

January 29, 2018

How to easily schedule to social media from any site


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What’s This?

You already know that Socialdraft is your all-in-one social media tool for teams. Now, we’ve added a new weapon to our arsenal: the Socialdraft Queue Extentions!

What does Socialdraft Queue Do

Social media management is complicated and time-consuming. Socialdraft Queue aims to make the lives of those who manage social media for either themselves or clients much easier. Your Socialdraft queue pushes posts automatically according to schedules you create.

Where does Socialdraft Queue Work?

The Socialdraft Queue feature is available for Chrome and Mozilla.

**Google Chrome extension**
**Mozilla Firefox add-on**

The Socialdraft Queue can be used to schedule posts to all your connected social networks including:

— Facebook account (one per account)
— Facebook pages
— Twitter accounts
— Linkedin account (one per account)
— Linkedin company page
— Instagram account (image required)
— Pinterest boards (image required)

Why is Socialdraft Queue So Cool?

Socialdraft allows you to take tons of actions when adding a post to your calendar including:

– Select link preview thumbnail from metadata
– Can add a custom image
– Can tag it with categories (makes it super easy to find on your calendar)
– You can change the timezone for the posts
– Or simply choose the current time
– Create recurring posts right from the bookmarklets
— Daily
— Weekly
— Monthly

How does the Socialdraft Queue Work?

First, sign up for Socialdraft (we offer a risk-free trial if you are not already a user)

Then, get your Socialdraft Queue bookmarklet for Chrome or Mozilla. The video above shows how to do it and the links for the extentions are below:

**Google Chrome extension**
**Mozilla Firefox add-on**


Then, you need to create your queue schedules. The above video shows you the steps that are below in action.

1. Login to
2. Go to “settings > Queue settings”
3. Create & name the new queue schedule
– queue name is required
– duplicate names are not allowed
– default ‘queue schedule’ will be used in the bookmarklet

Now you’re ready to queue up your posts!

PRO TIP:  Sub-users must set up their own queue schedules manually through the bookmarklet when creating the post. They will need to do this each time they schedule through the tool.

How to Schedule a Socialdraft Queue Post


The best part about the Socialdraft Queue is that you can schedule posts from any site on the web. Here is the step by step instructions on what you need to do to schedule to your Socialdraft Queue:

1. Go to any site (ex:

2. Click the Socialdraft bookmarklet icon
— The URL will be automatically added to the post draft
— The link preview will be displayed with the metadata (Title, URL, Description, and Thumbnail)

3. In order to add an image, close the link preview (the link on the message will be retained) and then upload the image you want to attach to the post.

4. Edit the post message

5. Select one or multiple social media accounts

— Since only the avatars are displayed, the account name will appear when you hover over the avatar
— Accounts that are gray in color are unselected, so the post won’t go to them
— If you don’t see the account you want to schedule to, click the ellipsis and all your accounts will be displayed (this will be necessary if you manage more than 10 accounts on Socialdraft – you can manage unlimited social media accounts with our dashboard. If you need information on this, open up a support convo).

6. Add categories (optional, but will make it easier for you to find a post when you need to)

7. If you like what you see, click ‘Ádd to queue’. The post will schedule to your chosen default Queue.

*** However, if you want to change the queue schedule instead of using the default

— Click on the ‘Queue’ icon
— Your recurring settings will be displayed
— Choose your preferred schedule from there and click ‘Add to queue’. The post will schedule to your chosen default Queue.

Who Can Use Socialdraft Queue?


If you’re anything like our team, you’re online all day. You see tons of amazing content on reddit, Huff post, the Times, Buzzfeed. However, you don’t feel like opening up your scheduler or clicking the site’s “share now” button because then you’ve inundated your followers with a ton of cute cat pics.

Socialdraft’s Queue allows you to spread out that content over time, filling up your calendar and saving you time…all while not annoying your social media followers.

What Can’t You do with Socialdraft Queue

Bitly: We love Bitly and it works on the calendar, but Socialdraft Queue is not yet compatible with bitly. That feature will follow soon.

Socialdraft Campaigns: Socialdraft campaigns allow you to group various social media accounts together. When you want to publish a post to all the campaigns, you can just select it on our calendar. This feature is not yet available with Socialdraft queue.

Guest sub-users don’t have access: This won’t change. Guest sub-users are different than your managers, subs, and managed subs. They can all schedule content. Your guest sub-user is able to view calendars on the Socialdraft dashboard and leave notes but not make any edits. This type of user is mostly used to give your clients access to their calendar before it goes out and as such, they do not have access to add content to their calendars via the Socialdraft Queue.

Edge & Safari Extensions: These are not currently available, but will be in the future.

What Else Can I Do On Socialdraft?


You can schedule posts on Facebook pages,  Twitter, LinkedIn Business pages, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can give different types of access to your team to set them up as either managers, sub-users, managed sub-users, or guests.

You can engage your audience through the feed.

You can monitor your online reputation and share the good stuff to social media in seconds.

You can easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action…or you can re-schedule to a specific time and date.

You can find the most influential people to engage your Twitter posts.

You can repost from Instagram to all your connected social accounts.

You can pull reports for Facebook & Twitter.

And much much more!!

Sign up for your Socialdraft Risk-Free Trial and take us for a spin.

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