Twitter Analytics Tool

Understanding Twitter’s New Analytics Tool

Twitter is an effective social networking tool for developing leads and communicating with customers. And Twitter, along with Facebook and Pinterest, is among the top three social media platforms generating web traffic. But as Omkar Mishra with Digital Insights points out, until recently, Twitter account holders had to rely on third party apps to measure crucial Twitter data and post activity.

Since going public, Twitter has introduced Twitter Analytics for different components on Twitter. And Mishra does a good job of breaking down the Twitter Analytics dashboard, available to everyone who has created ad accounts on Twitter. But now you don’t have to be an advertiser with Twitter to access the dashboard; you can use the Analytics Dashboard by simply setting up a Twitter Ads profile. Twitter Analytics is a great tool allowing brands to see what’s working and generate more out of daily tweets.

Dashboard of Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

After logging in to the Twitter Ads or Twitter Analytics platform, the default dashboard has three components. The dashboard’s components allows you to decipher the performance of your account on a tweet level basis. The Impressions metric lets you see the number of times your followers saw your tweet on Twitter.

Twitter also lets you compare your performance over the 28 day period with specific actionable metrics such as Engagement Rate, Favorites, Replies, ReTweets, Link Clicks and Impressions. Now it is much easier to benchmark your content performance. The tweets are segregated into different categories so you can view a Tweet by Tweet performance for your organic Tweets, Replies and Promoted Tweets. Now if a conversation with a Twitter user is generating engagement, you will know on this dashboard.

Twitter Analytics Key Metrics

The Dashboard’s Key Metrics:

Impressions: The number of times users on Twitter view your tweet in their timeline.

Engagement: The total interactions that have occurred on the tweet by the user which includes all the clicks on the Tweet (hashtags, link clicks, avatar, username & tweet expansion) along with the usual engagement metrics like favorites, replies, retweets as well as new follows.

Engagement Rate: The Engagement Rate for Twitter is the ratio of the Engagement actions and Impressions generated over a Tweet. The key difference to note here is Twitter is giving us the engagement rate based on impressions whereas Facebook does a similar metric based on the number of unique people reached.

Twitter Analytics Export or Data Download

Download Data

The best addition to the new dashboard is the ability to download data for each tweet. The “Export Data” option at the right-hand corner gives you a lot of meta data attached with each particular tweet to play with. The information can be downloaded to an excel file for further analysis.

The following metrics are available in the downloaded:

Engagement Rate
User Profile Clicks
URL clicks
Hashtag clicks
Detail expands
permalink clicks
embedded media clicks
App Opens (If you are promoting an App or sharing one)
App install attempts
email tweet
dial phone

The same metrics are available for organic as well as promoted tweets. The level of detail allows brands to accurately determine which tweet resulted in more engagement, and which tweet resulted in higher new followers/app installs. The user consumption can be broken down into specific actions to analyze the behavior of your Twitter followers and plan your content accordingly.

Twitter Analytics Followers Tab

Know Your Followers

This section was introduced some time ago in the Analytics dashboard and serves as a useful reminder about the growth of your Followers over time. The ‘Followers’ tab also tells you about the top interests of your followers along with the location demographics. So if you are a blog, you can leverage this data to know the interests of your followers and blog accordingly.


Through the dashboard, Digital Insights knows most of their followers are interested in Marketing and SEO and as a results they generate their content mostly based on helpful marketing content.

Twitter Card Analytics

Twitter Card Analytics

Twitter Cards are small snippets which appear on a Twitter timeline embedding rich context to your website content. Digital Insights has integrated Twitter Cards with their blog posts and have seen a considerable increase in their CTR rate on Twitter. If you still have not integrated your website/blog with Twitter Cards, you are encouraged to do so. With the measurement framework already available, you can test it out to see if it works for your brand and how.

Twitter Cards tell you the link clicks over time to your tweets along with the top links of your website/blog which drove the maximum traffic from Twitter. The best thing about the Twitter Cards dashboard is that it also provides you with the list of Twitter users which often tweet your content and you generate the maximum traffic out of them.


Find your most influential users and build long-term relationships with them. Focus on the value providers and ask them for their opinions to create a two-way dialogue.

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