Twitter's Mute Feature

Twitter Tests Mute Feature

No offense to FoodiesUSA – they were the first to come up on my feed and we needed an example for the images.

Twitter’s been making a lot of changes lately: new layout, real time interactions (aka – instant messaging), and now they are testing the “Twitter Mute User” feature on mobile. Select users can now mute users whom they find spammy or annoying without them knowing at all.

The Mute option stops all tweets and re-tweets from that user from showing up on your timeline. This means you don’t have to un-follow that #annoying #hashtag #overuser to stop seeing their posts. BUT, they can still retweet, reply to and favorite your Tweets.

Interestingly enough, Twitter had recently made a change to allow blocked users to read and retweet your content. This meant they shared your content, but you could not see their stream. This feature was quickly reversed after there was a Twitter outcry about it.

What does this mean to local businesses, probably not much. A Twitter user will probably just un-follow the business if they don’t like their tweets. This will have much more of an effect on marketers. But, it is a reminder to all local businesses to create high quality-non spammy content in order to keep their users engaged.

How to use Twitter's Mute Feature

How to Mute someone on Twitter:

1. Open Twitter on your smartphone.

2. Go to the user profile you want to mute.

3. Click the gear.

4. Click Mute @username


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