How to get the most likes and comments by using National Ice Cream Day hashtag

Ice Cream Day Hashtags

As if we needed an excuse to eat more ice cream, the 3rd Sunday of July (National Ice Cream Month) is now National Ice Cream day. That means that if your brand or business has anything to do with ice cream, you should be planning out your posts to get the most out of this holiday. But before you start scheduling Instagram posts, take a few seconds to copy these Ice Cream Day Hashtags for Instagram. They have been optimized to get you the most organic views and engagements.

Ice Cream Day Hashtags

#IceCreamDay #IceCream #SundaeSunday #Yum #IScreamForIcecream #IceCreamCone #Gelato #IceCreamRolls #IceCreams #IceCreamCake #IceCreamLover #IceCreamParty #IceCreamOfInsta

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts


You now have the best set of Ice Cream Day hashtags for Instagram, but it will take more than a pretty picture, a write up, and hashtags to bring you Instagram success.

Posting on a consistent basis is a must. If you can’t post daily, then you should try to post every other day. If you can’t post every other day, then every three days. The more you post, the more engagement you will get and the higher the chances that your brand or business will be discovered by potential customers on Instagram. The easiest way to make sure that you post on a consistent basis is to schedule your posts on an Instagram scheduling calendar such as Socialdraft. You schedule your posts with those gorgeous hashtags, we SMS you with the image and write up at the time you want to post.

Engaging your audience is the final piece of the formula. Once you post, set aside some time to engage the people who are creating content around your hashtags. Like their posts, follow these people, and you will notice that your post will come up higher on the feed and that your engagement and ROI will increase.

With Socialdraft you can

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry and schedule reposts to your connected social networks

Tips for Getting The Most Out Of Your Ice Cream Day Hashtags

Use Location Tags

If you are a local brand or business, location hashtags are a must

World renowned chocolatier Jacques Torres knows he can’t reach his local audience without local tags. Note his use of #MadeInBrooklyn to denote both quality and location. People on Instagram browsing the tag #MadeInBrooklyn now have a chance to be exposed to his post. With more location tags like #NY #NYC #BK and #Brooklyn he may have reached 1,000 likes.

Include a Custom Brand Hashtag

You can get customers to share your items with branded hashtags

Teach Customers to Use Your Branded Hashtag

Nick + Stella are amazing at kid’s clothing. They’re also awesome at marketing. Check out the awesome above post they published for Ice Cream Day. Notice their first hashtag is for their brand #NickandEstella. They have only created 2,000 pieces of content, but there are almost 4,000 tagged with their brand. This means their customers are spreading the word. If it’s your first time working a custom hashtag, don’t worry. Check out the related link below for a full tutorial on getting legs on your Custom Hashtag.

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You Can Promote All Types of Businesses

Using a healthy combination of industry and holiday hashtags will get you more exposure

It’s not just ice cream shops and baby clothing. You really can sell anything on Instagram during Ice Cream day, you just need to get creative. Just check out the awesome post above from Nashelle Jewelers. It’s a subtle but effective way to sell jewelry. One of the reasons it works so well,  is that they include industry hashtags, in this case jewelry: #jewelry #cuff #goldencuff #coilcuff #nashellejewelry. This opens them up to traffic from people who are searching directly for their product, as well as people who are searching #IceCreamDay but aren’t necessarily in shopping mode. This is smart marketing by increasing organic reach.

Now that you have your Ice Cream Day hashtags and a healthy strategy on how to use them, you’re ready for Instagram success.


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