Use these Inauguration day hashtags to get organic views on Instagram

Inauguration Day Hashtags

Whether you love or hate PEOTUS Trump, the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration will be historic. Mostly everyone will be talking about it. Some people will be hosting #MakeAmericaGreatAgain parties while others will be running theirs as #NotMyPresident. Regardless of which side you and your audience fall on, you want the most amount of eyes on your social media post. Today, we’ve put together a list of Inauguration Day Hashtags you can use to achieve just that, getting the most organic views from your targeted audience. So take a few seconds to copy and save these hashtags and then read on so that you can learn exactly how to use them on Instagram.

Inauguration Day Hashtags

#inauguration2017 #inauguration #inaugurationday #constitution #merica #america #USA #UnitedStates #USpresident #donaldtrump #presidenttrump #trump #presidentdonaldtrump #mikepence #pence #makeamericagreatagain #January20 #liberal #conservative #republican #democrat

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#inauguration2017 #inauguration #inaugurationday #constitution #merica #america #USA #UnitedStates #USpresident #donaldtrump #presidenttrump #trump #presidentdonaldtrump #mikepence #pence ##makeamericagreatagain #January20 #liberal #conservative #republican #democrat  [/pw-clippy]

How to Use Inauguration Day Hashtags

The first thing you need to know is that #InaugurationDay has only been used around 7,000 times on Instagram as of 1/17/16. That means that there’s not an incredible amount of competition and that you can really get a good amount of eyes on your post. In fact, it should be very easy for your post to come up on Top Posts. But before you start to post, let’s talk about how Instagram hashtags work. You need to think of them as Instagram SEO. Hashtags are the way you get found, so in order to be found by your target audience, you must use the right hashtags and combine them with other types of hashtags.

Mix In Hashtags for Your Industry

How to combine Inauguration Day Hashtags with hashtags for your business to be seen by people who can become customers

If you are a business that is not politically active, it may be a good idea to stay neutral. Brodiefur, an account that sells custom socks, was very smart in their 2017 Inauguration Day post. They went with a fairly neutral post that stayed away from politics, and which zeroed in to dog lovers by using industry hashtags such as #happylabpack #TalesofaLab #fab_labs_ #dogsofinstagram #happydog #worldoflabs #labs_of_insta #labradoroftheday and #talesofapuppy. This makes it so their post gets to hijack some traffic on Instagram from the #inauguration day hashtag bringing them both conservatives & liberals who may be interested in purchasing cute socks, AND that they are seen by dog lovers who even if not interested in patriotic socks, may be interested in getting some custom ones made.

Use Location Hashtags

How to get your Inauguration Day Instagram Posts seen by a local audience

If you are a local brand, service, or business (like a restaurant, museum, or dog walker), you need to use geo-location hashtags. Why? Because while it is great to get all those Inauguration Day eyeballs, you need eyeballs that convert. The Rubin museum created a neutral post prompting people to visit the museum on Inauguration Day. They were smart by offering #nyc #chelsea #nycmuseums to give themselves a chance to be seen by people in NYC and Chelsea.

Use Custom Brand & Vertical Brand Hashtags

Custom hashtags can get your audience involved

When you craft your Inauguration day Instagram posts, you will want to use two types of branded hashtags Custom Brand Hashtags & Vertical Brand Hashtags. These are your custom hashtags. Usually, they are your brand or business’ name. Sometimes, as seen above, they can be for a related product such as #wetheresilient. Using this type of hashtags is a great way to market yourself and to get your community involved in helping market you. If I were the Amplifier Foundation, I would have included not just the vertical tag #wetheresilient, but also the tag #AmplifierFoundation with a call to action on the profile teaching people how to use the tag for maximum impact.

Use Party Related Hashtags

Mix party hashtags with your Inauguration day hashtags

The hashtags given above are generic Inauguration Day hashtags. These will give you general exposure to people who are interested in the Inauguration. The issue here is that you need your posts to be seen by your audience, and that requires that you speak their language. If you are on the democratic side, you’ll have to include hashtags to appeal to your audience. Same if you are on the republican side. A good example is how the Conservative Babes account uses party hashtags to attract their target political audience.

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Account


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